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When you finally decide to do something about your weight, you understandably want to see fast results. When you barely lose a pound a week, it is easy to get demotivated and wonder why you’re even bothering at all, but here’s the thing, when you lose weight rapidly, you are very unlikely to keep it off, which is why it is better to stay the course, do your best to lose 1-2 pounds of weight per week and change your lifestyle so that you are able to keep it off for good.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight, tone up and stay fit and healthy for life:

Cutting Calories

When it comes to losing weight, the most important part of the equation is undoubtedly your calorie intake. In order to lose a pound, you need to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories, which means that, if you are able to cut between 500 and 1000 calories per day, you will easily be able to lose 1-2 pounds each week. This might seem like a lot, but you can do this by cutting your food intake and increasing the amount of exercise you do, so it isn’t really that hard to achieve, especially if you are used to eating much more than your body needs for fuel each day.

When cutting calories, you should never be tempted to consume below 1200, as doing so could be unhealthy, and you might not be able to get all the nutrients you need. For most people, eating between 1400 and 1600 calories per day is enough to use weight, but you should try the calories calculator at keto diet for a more accurate assessment of your caloric need for the day.

Eating Right

You might be tempted to go on a crash diet to minimize your calorie intake and maximize your weight loss results, but as I mentioned above, this will only lead to a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and an eventual weight gain in excess of any losses you make, if you’re anything like the average dieter. It is, therefore, far more healthy to take a more reasonable approach to your diet. Focus on getting your fill of lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables, with the odd treat to keep you going, and you won’t go far wrong. Meals like brown rice with boiled chicken and vegetables or turkey and broccoli stir fry are low-calorie options that will keep you full and help you shed pounds.

The Importance of Protein

If, as you lose weight, you want to look toned, rather than being skinny-fat, you will need to ensure that you feed your body sufficient levels of protein to build and repair your muscles as you exercise, which is why you should snack on eggs, cottage cheese and lean meats, when you’re feeling hungry.

The Exercise Part of the Equation


When you’re trying to lose weight, cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming and dancing are best. You should try to participate in cardio activities for at least 250 minutes per week, although the more you do, the better the results you will see. If you’re not used to exercising, start by going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day. This will help you ease into things and speed up your weight loss a little.

Strength Training

Cardio exercise will help you to lose weight, but it is strength training that will get you leaner and stronger than you’ve ever been. As soon as you feel able, start training all your major muscle groups for at least 50 minutes twice a week. Be sure to take it slow when you first start and always take breaks of at least 60 seconds between sets. If you aren’t confident using the equipment, hiring a personal trainer to help you out might be a good idea.

Bodyweight Exercises

If going to the gym really isn’t your thing, doing bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and press-ups at home is a good alternative, which will also help to build muscle and make you leaner. Do at least five sets of 10 reps for results you can’t argue with.

Toning Exercises

Toning exercises like the ones you will find at http://www.piyoreviews.com/, or yoga and Pilates are something that you should add into your regime when you start to see weight loss results, and once your diet is over. They will help to tighten up any flabby areas and give you the long, lean kind of muscles that make celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kendall Jenner look so great.

Get Lots of Rest


Losing weight isn’t all about hard work and deprivation – your body also needs lots of rest and relaxation to do its thing. If you are overly fatigued, not only will you find it harder to get your daily workouts in, but you might find it more difficult to ditch stubborn belly fat. This is particularly true if you are both stressed and tired because the body will release high levels of cortisol, which promote fat storage. So, for every day of exercise you complete, treat yourself to a hot bath, a good book, a massage or whatever else it is that helps you feel calmer and more centered.

Don’t Give Up

Perhaps, most important of all, you should do everything that is within your power to stick to your diet and exercise regime. The difference between people who lose weight and keep it off and those who don’t is determination. They get on with the hard work, and they don’t quit. Even when they have reached their target weight, they keep exercising and limit the junk food to special occasions. You need to do that too.

Changes in your body shape and the definition of your muscles take time to appear; It could be many weeks before you notice a change in the way you look and feel, but if you stick to the above, it will only be a matter of time before you notice a significant reduction on the scales and a massive change in your muscle tone.

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