Pregnancy Perspective: What If You Feel Perfect?

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It is widely accepted, acknowledged, and even expected that pregnancy is going to take its toll on the mom-to-be.

After all, the list of problems that women go through during pregnancy aren’t for the faint of heart. There’s the morning sickness to contend with, not to mention the other gastrointestinal problems. Then there’s the tiredness, the mood swings, the sudden dislike for a variety of different tastes and smells. It’s a rough time, the likes of which women would only go through because they get to hold their baby in their arms at the end of it.

Except… what if you feel good? Or perhaps even further: what if you feel great?

It might sound like the dream; a wonderful pregnancy where you not only skip over all the potential downsides, but you actually feel better than you did before you were expecting. You might find yourself energized, blossoming with happiness, the perfect picture of the happy, expectant mom-to-be.

It’s wonderful, but it’s also somewhat perplexing. Women who have experienced it know they are lucky, but they also have a few residual feelings that they can struggle to cope with. So let’s examine this and explain why they happen, and the best way of dealing with it…

People Get Jealous And / Or Unpleasant

To an extent, we accept so much that pregnancy makes the Mom unwell that society sees anything else as a bit of a cheat. If you’re feeling good, you might find yourself on the receiving end of comments about how lucky you are, how you should become a surrogate, and how you’ll be the only Mom who is saddened by the end of her pregnancy. Some of these will be well-intentioned; others will be loaded with an unpleasant undercurrent.

The end result of all this? The Mom feels guilty about something she has no control over. People may be saying it out of jealousy due to their health during pregnancy; others may just be being unpleasant for the sake of it. If you find it happening, remind yourself it’s their issue, not yours. You can’t help the fact your pregnancy is smooth sailing, so don’t feel the need to apologize for it anymore than you would if it’d been a rough ride.

You Feel It’s Not A “Real” Pregnancy

Given how much we have all come to accept/expect that pregnancy is a difficult time, it’s natural - to an extent - that Moms who are having a pleasant pregnancy somehow feel cheated. They expected to feel unwell, but they don’t feel much different to how they did before. This can bring on feelings like they haven’t gone through a “proper” pregnancy; like they have somehow missed out on an experience that all Moms can bond over.

If you find your thoughts wandering into this region, it stands to remember that you didn’t choose this option. Nature did. That means your pregnancy is just as real and natural as anyone else’s - it’s just different. Focus on appreciating your luck; there are plenty of other things you will be able to bond with others over.

Image Credit: Pexels


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