Strength Training: Gains Without Pains


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Strength training has gained an incredible following over the past decade or so, and it continues to. First, there was Arnie, the sport’s first superstar, and then there was a change in tides among women, and this wants to be strong, not slim. Of course, the only way to get physiques that are bulging with muscle is to challenge yourself with a stronger than usual counterforce. We’re talking heavy weights, resistance and pushing yourself to the max because that’s how to build muscle mass, tone your muscles and strengthen your bones.

However, with pushing yourself as hard and far as you can come a new level of responsibility because you need to know how to be safe, as well as effective. As such, we have come up with our top tips to keep you protected while strength training.


Pre And Post

When strength training, it is imperative that you prepare your body as best as possible, which means concentrating on your wellbeing. Eat right, sleep right and warm up. You need to let your muscles know that you are about to put them through pain to make those gains. So start off with some easy exercise before leaping into it. You’ll need to warm down properly to minimize your chances of injury too. Stretching, a light jog, anything like this will have a positive effect.

It’s Form You Need To Worry About

Too many people put themselves at risk of injury or slow gains by focusing too much on the weight they are lifting and not the form they are using. But by aligning your body correctly, you’ll be able to lift in a smooth motion, and this will increase your gains while reducing your chances of injury. So get your technique down before lifting more. Remember, smooth and slow lifts, controlled descents.


Know Your Surroundings

The risks are high when lifting heavy weights, which is why we suggest you have as much control over your surroundings as possible. Use a gym you know well, have your own weight lifting accessories on hand, have a spotter that you know and trust and who knows your limits. Only use equipment you know as well, and if there is new equipment at the gym make sure you are shown how to use it properly. The more elements you keep within your control the better.

Perfect Your Tempo

When you’re working on your strength it is far better to concentrate on control than to compromise your gains through speed. More lifts are not better. Instead, count to three when raising your weights to the start position and count to three when lowering them. Tempo is the key to success, so make sure you are focusing on this at all times.


Rest Is Required

You may call them rest days, but your body doesn’t, which is because your body isn’t resting; it is working immensely hard to repair and recover. When you lift heavy weights you are causing your muscle to tear, so you really need to give your muscles time off. What makes your muscles grow is these tears knitting together, which is why it is in your best interest to leave a couple of days between each strength training session. 


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