Why Women Should Build Muscle


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When it comes to the question of women and building muscle, there are a lot of misconceptions, especially when it comes to weightlifting. Many people wrongly assume that building muscle will turn women into a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the incredible hulk, but that simply isn’t true, and what’s more, there are many health benefits to building muscle that cannot be ignored.

Here’s why more women should work on building muscle:

It Can Help You Fight Against Bone and Muscle Loss

As women get older, their bones and muscles begin to deteriorate, and they can develop problems like osteoporosis. If you want to avoid growing weaker and frailer as you get older, it, therefore, makes sense to start increasing your muscle mass right now.

It Can Help You Tone Up

Looking good is about more than being slim, if you want to look truly fit and healthy, you need to tone up too, and there is nothing that will tone your up more effectively than building muscle. If you have weight to cut, the program at http://topworkoutprograms.com/workout-reviews/max-workouts-review/ is ideal as it will help you burn fat and build muscle for best results. It’s only when you lose your excess fat that you’ll notice your improved muscle tone, but it’s worth persevering because when you get there, it will be a revelation.

It Can Help You Burn More Calories


Both men and women can increase the number of calories they burn by increasing their lean muscle mass. What this means is, that the more muscle you have, the more efficient your body becomes at dealing with calories, which makes it easier for you to stay in shape.

It Can Help You Sleep

It seems like insomnia is reaching epidemic proportions in much of the western world. If you’re suffering from a lack of sleep, you’ve probably tried giving up caffeine, liberally spraying your bedroom with lavender and taking all manner of herbal remedies and medications, but have you tried weightlifting? Probably not, but you should because weightlifting can help you to fall asleep and spend more time in deep sleep than most things. This is probably because, when your body has truly had a workout, it naturally feels the need to rest.

It Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

Did you know that lifting weights can cut your risk of heart disease and is even recommended by the American Heart Association for people who are suffering from heart disease? If not, you can find out more about lifting with a heart condition at http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/news/20070716/weight-training-for-heart-disease. Even if you don’t have a heart problem right now, lifting weights will help strengthen your most important organ and keep you feeling fitter for longer.

As you can see, there are so many good reasons to build muscle that you should at least consider trying it out. If you haven’t exercised for a while, start off with simple bodyweight exercises to improve your performance and build up your strength before hitting the gym and lifting weights. It might also be a good idea to see a personal trainer if you’ve never lifted before.


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