4 Simple Steps to a Fitter, Healthier You


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When exercise can feel like an overwhelming proposition, for those of us that aren’t used to it, it doesn’t have to be about becoming an athlete. Sometimes all we need to do to get into exercise is just change our perspective on it. If we view exercise as something that we start in a light and manageable way then many more people would be taking it up.

Therefore try to view exercise in a much more simplistic and enjoyable way and start yourself off with something really relaxing, like walking. No, we don’t mean climbing a mountain. We just mean walking to work, instead of using public transport. Or walking to meet friends, instead of just jumping into a cab. Walking around in your lunch break instead of eating a sandwich at your desk. Just think of the simple ways that you can build more steps into your daily routine so that you barely even notice the extra exercise.

Wiser Decisions

We all know what our Achilles heel is when it comes to our health. Whether it is chocolate, a deep-rooted love for our sofas at the weekends, too much booze or smoking or just generally lacking energy when it comes to being more active.

There are such easy steps to take to conquer all of these issues. Chocolate can be enjoyed in moderation, sofas are necessary for all of us, but much more rewarding after a productive day, or a good workout. Smoking can be knocked on the head with all the support out there, like vaping with e juice, hypnotherapy or trying out the effective nicotine patches and gum. Booze of course can be enjoyed but again, in moderation. Our perspective of dieting is sometimes what leads us to deny ourselves a healthier lifestyle. By telling ourselves it’s all or nothing we are not motivated enough to make the small changes that can really make the big difference.

Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and yoga are great ways to really invest in ourselves in a little light and therapeutic exercise. There is a reason that yoga and meditation has become so popular recently and that is because they are a tried and tested way of unwinding and disconnecting from our stressful and busy lives. If you are a little concerned about going straight into classes, why not try it out online in the comfort of your own home, with an online yoga channel. Doing a little yoga at home will help you get the knack of all those stretching and soothing moves, then once you feel a little more confident you can think about joining a local yoga club in your area to keep you motivated and on track

Wake Up With Water

As our bodies are fasting as we sleep it is really important that the first thing we put in our bodies when we wake up is healthy and revitalising, in order to start our days off on the right food. Drinking a glass of water before you do anything else is like giving your internal body an invigorating shower. It kick starts your metabolism and also does a good job in waking you up, particularly if it's fresh from the fridge.



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  2. Waking up with water suggestions feels like I can do it and it can be really helpful. I do feel the need to exercise as well so I will start with walking and hope that helps me to set fitness goals as well. I smoke a lot and I am planning to quit that. I will order a vape kit from an online vape store New Zealand (https://momentumvapeco.co.nz/) so I can cut down on cigarettes. Rest of the suggestions are very helpful, but after making these two changes I think I can do the rest as well. Nice post.


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