How To Avoid The Health Pitfalls Of Working At Home

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More and more, these days people are choosing to work from home. Not only is it a whole lot more flexible which is great if you’re working multiple jobs or if you have a family, but it can also be a lot more comfortable. After all, anyone who’s worked in an office has experienced a horrible commute, aircon battles with the people sitting around you, and that one person in the opposite cubicle who insisted on bringing a less than fragrant lunch to work every single day. If you’ve chosen to work from home, good for you! But it isn’t all fun and games - and it can be hard to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to keep you going…

Protect Your Eyes

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If you work from home, chances are you’re one of those extremely lucky people whose job requires nothing more than a laptop and a good internet connection - but working at a computer all day definitely isn’t good for your eyes. It’s important to make sure that you take plenty of breaks - look away from your laptop for at least five minutes every half an hour, whether you’re getting up to look out of the window or going to get your eighth cup of coffee. Make sure that when you’re not working, you don’t spend too much time looking at screens - cut down on your tablet use and try watching a little less TV.

Protect Your Body

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Sitting at a desk all day can be extremely relaxing but it isn’t necessarily good for your body. Make sure that your computer is at eye level so that you don’t have to bend your neck at an uncomfortable angle all day, and ensure that you place both your feet on the floor at all times so that you don’t hurt your back. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a big issue for people who spend a lot of the day on their computer so make sure you rest your wrists when you aren’t working. If you have to go and see a wrist surgeon, you may have to have an operation, so make sure that you have insurance for days that you can’t work. Sick days can be very difficult for freelancers as obviously you aren’t getting paid.

Protect Your Mental Health

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Finally, even if you’re a huge introvert who hates the usual office conventions of gathering around the water cooler and talking about what everyone did over the weekend, working in solitude can be extremely tough. Make sure that you get out as often as you can in the evenings to see your friends, and ensure that you leave the house at least once every day, whether that’s to buy groceries, have lunch with a friend, to work at your local coffee shop, to go on a date, or to go on a hike to really enjoy some fresh air. Working alone can make you feel apathetic and lonely, meaning that you might end up feeling quite depressed and isolated. If that’s the case for you, try joining some sort of sports club, reading group or other local meet up to make sure that you get out of the house.


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