Post-Injury Approaches: A Long Recovery vs. A Stiff Upper Lip

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After you suffer an injury, it can be very tricky to know how you should bounce back. Do you just get back on with life and battle through the pain and challenges that come with suffering an injury? Or is it better to get as much rest as possible in order to give your body the chance to get back to normal in its own time? Which you choose will probably depend on your character and mentality. But which is really best? Read on to learn more.

A Long Recovery

Long recoveries have their obvious downsides. For a start, can you afford to take a long time to get back to normal and back to work? By getting compensation with the help of a firm like Kelly & Soto Law, you might be able to buy yourself more time in which you recover. Even so, taking time out from life can be frustrating, and rest can get boring pretty quickly, even if it sounds nice to start with.

However, what we should be focusing on is what’s best for your body and your long-term health. And your body will find it much more difficult to recover from your injury if you don’t give it the time it needs to fix what’s been broken. Find something that will keep your mind occupied while your body repairs itself if you do take this route forward. Time will pass quicker than you think.


A Stiff Upper Lip

You can’t recover in the correct and safe way if you are leading a busy lifestyle and working from 9-5. Your doctor probably wouldn’t recommend that kind of recovery plan either. Many men find themselves too proud to take time out for rest. They want to be the breadwinner and they want to work hard. But pride comes before a fall, and a stiff upper lip won’t help you if you do yourself more damage as a result of trying to operate as if nothing were wrong.

On the most basic level, carrying on as normal often isn’t possible. Even if you try to take this approach, you might find that you can’t handle the discomfort that your injury is causing you. It's always a bad idea to go against the wishes and advice of your doctor because they know what they’re talking about.


In conclusion, I think it’s clear that rest and recovery is the best way forward. Yes, it can be frustrating to take this kind of approach if you like to be active all the time. But are you really going to do yourself any favours by rushing things? Probably not. It’s all about taking a long-term approach rather than a short-term mentality. Even if the short-term solution might be appealing to you right now, you might end up regretting this decision in the future. Talk to your doctor about what you should do, but they will most likely say the same thing. Of course, each injury is different, so it’s vital to get a tailored solution that works for you.



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