The Big Trouble With Summer Fitness

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Getting fit and staying healthy during the winter is easy - as long as you have the drive and determination to get up and out in the cold weather, it doesn’t take long for your body to warm up.
And while you might spend your winter jogs and workouts praying for better weather, when the summer eventually arrives, it can cause you more trouble than you might think.
In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the significant problems with fitness in the hot summer months - so let’s get started right away.

Obviously, the hotter the external temperature, the quicker your body will heat up - it’s really that simple. And without taking on regular water, the likelihood is that you will end up dehydrated, which will leave you in the danger zone, reduce your workout results, and even affect your decision making.

It’s important to remember that you need to be drinking water even when you don’t feel thirsty. In fact, when you eventually feel like you need a drink,. You will already be significantly dehydrated, so keep drinking that water as often as you can.

Heat exhaustion
The summer can be an incredibly dangerous time for working out, especially if you enjoy pushing your body to its limits. The truth is that you just won’t be able to make it as far as you can during the winter, as the risk and impact of heat exhaustion will blow you away before you get close to setting any personal bests.

So, take things steady, and be wary of overdoing it - many people end up in a hospital each year because they push themselves too hard in the extreme heat.

Summer bug, spider, and insect bites
It’s only natural that you’ll want to spend as much time outside when the weather is good - and this point is reflected by the fact that gym attendance is always at its lowest during the summer.

But other little creatures such as insects, spiders, and bugs love being out in the warmth, too - and they thrive on feasting on your exposed skin. A quick click here reveals that spider bites, wasp stings, and mosquito bites all increase by a significant amount over the summer. So, it’s vital that you have the right medication and treatment ready - and also be wary of those bites and stings developing into something more aggressive or becoming infected.

Increase in potential for injury
Finally, working out and taking part in high-performance activity can lead to an increase in your chances of picking up a bad injury. There’s a simple reason why. When the temperature rises, your body’s natural instinct is to send blood to the skin, to try and keep it cool. This means there is less blood going to your muscles than there would normally be, and, therefore, they won’t work as well.

The result of this biological effect is that you will try and push yourself as hard as you would in a typical workout, but your muscles will be weaker than before, and the chance of snapping a hamstring, back trouble, or straining a groin will increase significantly.


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