4 Common Reasons Why Getting Back To Health After An Injury Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)

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The internet is full of advice on all aspects of the health industry, people are either incredibly clued up or are on the other end of the spectrum shrouded in cluelessness. It’s hard to distinguish what is the right thing to do when not only trying to be healthy but to also get back on your feet after an injury.

There are many reasons your health issues aren’t working and are getting worse.

The Reason: You want to be as healthy as possible to maintaining prevention from colds, weight gain, and overall healthy well being. Everyone has been raised on the fact that 5 pieces of fruit and veg are what you need. A portion of five fruit and veg are valued as an apple, two tangerines or three heaped tablespoons of peas. This seems easier to do, experts have now said aiming for up to 10 pieces will see 95% increased in living a longer life.

The Fix: Whilst sticking to five is great, upping the limit slightly to seven saw an increase people's overall well being. Mixing it up with main vegetables with dinner is an easier way to get the portions in. There are plenty of healthy eating tips out there to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Blending into smoothies is great for on the go, still being able to get those nutrients.

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The Reason: You feel after being injured or after surgery lethargic with no energy. Remember what you put in is what results in a speedy recovery. Increasing your fruit and vegetables along with exercise is great. But it's about focusing on the correct things, crash dieting is not the way forward.

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The Fix: Whatever you do, do not crash diet, stock up on a variety of foods that cater to all needs that support clean eating to recovery. Plenty of fish, carbs, and protein will help repair muscles and nutrients allowing for healing. Don't be fooled into thinking vitamin pills are the fix, colorful fruit and vegetables are more beneficial.

The Reason: If you suffer from aches such as back pain, most experts say to rest up and do a little exercise. When in fact the reality is the worst thing that can be done is to do nothing. Once your body stops being active the body quickly becomes adjusted to doing nothing, preceding it to cause more pain than if you were to move.

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The Fix: The best cause of action is yoga it’s a gentle exercise that is great for overall body health. Yoga relieves back pain tremendously it can ease tensions that can gather in the lower back. The exercise poses during yoga the session works on strengthening, creating flexibility whilst relieving back soreness. Yoga has been shown to eliminate back pain and can improve a great deal. Of course, if you suffer chronic or severe pain this isn't the correct option.

The Reason: You've had surgery to help ease the pain or to improve your body areas due to weight loss. At some point releasing mistakes were made or that more pain has occurred you need to take action. Leaving issues, not only prolongs the pain but financially can stop you from getting back to work.

The Fix: Receiving professional help after injuries from medical malpractice who will represent you and your case to get the best results for your claim.  Choosing a professional assist you with the importance of assisting you with the best advice for you and your own individual claim.
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The Reason: If you’re recovering from surgery and you want to get back out there into being fit and healthy people say to rest up and to not move. Plenty of bed rest is the common piece of advice. This is harmful to a number of reasons, you can get into a routine of feeling sorry for yourself and become less motivated over time.

The Fix: Movement brings joy, it releases endorphins which make you happy.  When you realize how having the ability to move made you happy, it makes people want to return to physical activity. Start by making small progress steps each day, when you feel motivated each day will make you want to keep going. The best way to start is by walking each day, as you progress with recovery walk further each day.

The recovery after injuries from working out, everyday aches and pain can be slow. But if you stick to looking after yourself the correct way you can be up on your feet in no time.


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