A Healthy Heart Is Vital: How To Keep It That Way

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You may have had your heart broken (metaphorically) a few times in the past, and sadly, this blog post can’t help with that. However, reading on could help you to gain some inspiration on heart health and the importance of looking after it to the best of your ability. Your heart has the crucial 24/7 role of pumping your blood around to keep all of your organs and muscles working well, even your brain; making it the most important part of your body and the core of a functioning machine (that’s another metaphor for you). Check out the following tips and ideas to keep your heart in great shape so that you can have a long and healthy life.

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Don’t Clog It Up

Diet will play a major part in keeping your heart pumping as it should; so you need to steer clear of food and drinks that are going to clog up your arteries. Getting into good eating habits now will help you maintain a functioning heart into your elderly years (yes, everyone gets there one day). Although saturated fats, found in a variety of sugary and fatty (and unfortunately tasty) foods are bad for your vascular muscle; there are good fats (yay) that will help to keep your arteries in shape. Oily fish, like salmon and tuna, is full of good fats, and if you’re an avocado on toast kind of person, you’re in luck because avocados contain plenty of heart-loving fats and antioxidants.

Other foods that will keep your ticker happy include nuts, berries, seed, red, yellow, and orange vegetables, tofu, and even red wine. Therefore, you should have no trouble in incorporating some alternatives and additions to your diet. Keep your plate fresh, colorful, and as unprocessed as possible so that you can eat with your cardiac companion in mind. Trial some heart-healthy recipes and begin re-writing your grocery list next time you visit the supermarket. You don’t have to sacrifice a burger and fries forever; just keep them for treats and get into the habit of replacing the bad fats with the good kind to treat your heart well.

Help It To Work Out

Exercise is the best way to get your heart pumping so that it can remember what its job is and how to do it properly. If you don’t already partake in regular fitness sessions, you could try a Club Fitness trial or take up a sport as a hobby to keep your circulation momentum moving and to ensure that your blood is heading to all the right places. You’ll get that “healthy glow” that only your heart can provide by pumping your blood through your veins to your rosy cheeks and your fitness levels will steadily increase so that you can continue on your healthy journey.

Hearing your heartbeat in your chest after a slow walk to the store is a sign that it’s time to take up a fitness class or visit the gym regularly. Check your resting heart rate and see how it compares to an average healthy level; there is always room for improvement, and you can ensure that your heart remains healthy if you make the right changes now rather than later. 


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