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One of the most searched things on the internet is undoubtedly how to lose weight. As more and more focus is being put on the obesity epidemic and healthy living, people are becoming more conscious of their own weight and it’s not just for appearance reasons either. While looking slim and sexy is one of the main goals for people who want to lose weight, there are some underlying health issues that also convince them to lose weight and get fit. Obesity can lead to heart issues in the future due to all of the excess fat in our bodies. The strain it puts on your body can ultimately be debilitating, and you’re also at a much-increased risk of diabetes and other diseases.

However, losing weight is difficult. For many people, losing weight means a lot of exercises, hard work, and cutting down on foods that you otherwise love. This is what puts many people off the idea of losing weight, and you’d be surprised at how many people give up after they’re told they’re not allowed to eat their favourite foods anymore. However, there’s a very simple secret to losing weight and burning fat, and it’s not something that is based on rumours, magic or anything silly—it’s science.

Burn more calories than you take in

This is the golden rule when it comes to losing weight. In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you actually take in. However, there’s a common misconception that leads people to believe this is harder than it is.

For starter, let’s take a look at a very common food item: chicken. Chicken breast (once cooked) contains roughly 148 calories if you skip the skin. So if you have a dinner of two chicken breasts and a serving of rice, the total could reach around 600 calories. 600 calories sounds like a lot. In fact, it’s around a quarter of the recommended calorie intake, but that’s acceptable considering we should be eating three meals a day. If we convert that to exercise, then it’ll take roughly 2 hours of constant running to burn 600 calories—sounds like a lot! People follow this advice and they try to do exercise in order to burn off excess calories so they can fit within their limits. However, this usually doesn’t go very well because it takes a lot of effort to run for two hours straight at a regular pace.

What people usually fail to realise is that our bodies naturally burn calories. If you use a BMR calculator, you can estimate roughly how many calories you burn just by simply living. Remember that calories can be considered as fuel. We eat things, it gets converted into energy, and we expend that energy. If we eat too much, then we put on fat—this is what leads to us being overweight. If you’re currently overweight, then it’s because you are eating more than your body needs to sustain itself. By measuring your basal metabolic rate, you can find out roughly how many calories your body needs to actually “live” in a single day. Eating under your BMR isn’t recommended because it can put your body in a panic state that refuses to lose weight. However, if you eat the same amount of calories, then you’ll absolutely lose weight over time.

Another thing to realise is that your BMR is the number of calories you burn without doing anything. However, most people do move around. They move their fingers, arms, legs, hips and so on. Everything you do, no matter how light it is, will end up burning calories. A sedentary person working at an office job burns calories everytime they type. You burn calories when you walk when you clean, and essentially anytime you move you’re burning fat—just at a very slow rate. It’s not uncommon for someone to burn up to 1000 calories even doing an office job because of how much they move around during the day.

However, calories don’t tell the full story. We also need to worry about the nutrients we’re eating and how to get the most out of our meals. For instance, it’s recommended that you eat at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. For an average woman, that’s roughly 50 grams of protein. It’s usually enough if you eat a couple of chicken breasts or some other sources of protein, but if you’re unable to stick within your calorie limits and still get enough nutrients, you can pick your favorite protein powder and fill in the nutritional gaps. The same counts for things like vitamins and minerals that would’ve otherwise been obtained from fruits. If you can’t eat much fruit and don’t get enough varied foods, then remember to take a multivitamin to supplement your diet.

With this in mind, it’s actually fairly easy to burn more calories than you take in. As long as you use a calorie counter to determine how much you’re actually eating and how much you’re burning, you can easily create a calorie deficiency that will ultimately lead to sustainable and healthy weight loss without causing you major health problems or forcing you to do something outrageous like starving yourself. The key is to monitor your calories and continue to find ways to cut them. Remember that this isn’t a magic trick or a secret method to lose weight. It’s based purely on science, and although there are some outside factors that might contribute to variations in your weight or your results, the goal is to always burn more calories than you take in.

Being happy also impacts your weight loss

Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck eating vegetables and raw salads for the rest of their life. Happiness is a contributing factor to weight loss and it’s vital that you take this point seriously. If you’re in it for the long-term weight loss and health benefits, then never neglect to take care of your body and don’t do something too drastic. Don’t switch from drinking soda to only drinking water and nothing else. While healthier, it’s a drastic change that will ultimately cause you to give up because you’re depriving your body of something it got used to. Take small baby steps instead. Reduce the amount of soda you drink, then switch to diet sources, then switch to flavoured sparkling water, then switch to sparkling water alone, then finally water. Make small digestible changes instead of large sweeping ones that you won’t be able to stick to. Of course, it’s entirely possible to make large changes to your diet, but you also need to have the mental fortitude to stick with it and if you’re unhappy with your life because you’re making so many changes to your diet, then you need to stop, cut back, and take it slower.

You also need to be happy with the exercise you’re doing. No one wants to slave away in a gym without seeing results, but you also don’t want to do it if it makes you unhappy. If you associate boredom or frustrating with your exercise, then you’ll only grow to hate it in the long term. Instead, focus on positivity when you work out. Remind yourself of your goals, and make your exercise routine a little more interesting by listening to music, watching television or going to the gym with a friend. The more you love your workout, the more likely you are to stick with it and not give up.


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