Confused between PRK and LASIK? Let This Infographic Simplify Your Decision

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Although eye surgeries have become increasingly common now-a-days, people do not have a clear idea about which corrective vision surgery is best-suited to their needs. The two main types of eye surgeries which can help you improve vision are PRK & Lasik.
Photorefractive Keratectomy abbreviated as PRK, is a type of surface ablation employed for eye surgery. In this procedure, a computer-controlled laser is used directly over the corneal surface after removing a part of it, which is then allowed to grow back the next few days. In case of the LASIK eye surgery, the procedure is performed under the thin flap of the cornea which is placed back after the procedure. While both surgeries correct the same issue, both have some notable differences which make the decision making process extremely difficult.
In order to solve this issue, we have created this unique infographic to help those considering corrective eye surgery options by providing them with a side by side comparison along with facts and figures to support each method to help them gain a clearer idea about the available options!
Take a look at the infographic provided below to understand the key differences between both surgeries. This infographic also includes:
Characteristics of Eligible Individuals
PRK vs Lasik Surgery Procedure Details
Pre and Post Operative Care Tips
Post-Surgery Recovery Details

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