How To Create A Safe Home For An Elderly Parent

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As our parents get older, we will become increasingly concerned about their safety. Physical changes in their bodies can increase the chances of falling, and the home may no longer be the safe haven it used to be.

In some cases, a nursing home, or assisted living accommodation may be the better option for your parent. However, having their independence is important, so there are ways to make the home a safer place to be. Read on to find out more.

Purchase a response system

There are health technologies that can assist your elderly parent, and one of the essential items is a response system. Worn around the neck as a pendant, or as a bracelet around the arm, your parent can call for medical assistance at the touch of a button. This is ideal, especially if they are struggling to regain composure, and the phone is some distance away.

Consider alarm monitoring services

We should all have smoke alarms in our homes, but remember that many older adults have impaired hearing. Place an alarm in every room of the house, and consider a fire alarm monitoring service that can send a direct call to the fire station in case of emergency. Security can also be an issue, and seniors are more vulnerable in the event of an intruder. Therefore, consider a monitored burglar alarm as well.

Buy the right equipment

You need to care for all aspects of your parent’s health, so ensure they have the necessary equipment. An oxygen machine is essential for those with breathing difficulties, and walking frames and canes will be needed for those unstable on their feet. You want to make their life easier around the home, so ensure the products you buy are practical, portable, and lightweight.

Safety features

Consider every room of the house, and modify certain areas to assist your parent. Thinking about the bathroom, install grab bars in the bathroom which will help them when they get in and out of the bath or shower. Shower seats will help them if they feel dizzy. Toilet Suites will make it easier to get up and down on the loo, and rubber mats will reduce the risk of falling on slippery surfaces.

Lighting can be an issue, especially when your parent has failing eyesight. Therefore, consider automated safety lights on the inside, especially in low lit areas. Installing them outside is a good idea too, not only for your senior’s visibility but to also deter intruders from entering the house.

Elderly people have a greater risk of falling on the stairs, so there are several precautions you can take. A stair lift will help them get up and down if they have mobility issues. You should also ensure handrails and banisters are stable and remove carpet runners which can heighten the risk of a fall.


There is much you can do to provide protection for your parent, so do further research. Not only will they be safer in their home, but you will have extra peace of mind as you strive to care for them.


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