Feeling Stressed?: How To Manage The Build Up To Exams

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A lot of the time, a poor result in your exams can be due to having a negative mindset. This is usually because of anxiety, stress, and a lack of confidence which can really affect your overall performance.

Here are some tips to mentally prepare yourself.

Organize your notes

Any written materials that you have, make sure you organize them all properly. This means diagrams, charts, subheadings and bullet points. It sounds like a bore, but to see a ton of different writing in front of you will put you off ever wanting to touch it. If you break it up and create some sort of structure, it'll be a lot easier to deal with.

Manage your time

Time management is one of those important skills that will carry you through life, let alone your exams. Stress often occurs from feeling rushed and unprepared, so if you allocate time blocks to each subject and topic, you don't have to worry about things getting missed out because you‘ll have it all planned out.

Revise previous papers

A lot of the time, the big stress of exams comes from the fear of the unknown, which creates a whole lot of panic. If you revise and study your past exam papers, you may be able to get a realistic idea of what is coming next. It shouldn't be too different as presumably, it's just the level up, so it'll be a little harder that's all.

The bedtime run-through

Believe it or not, your brain is able to absorb a lot more information right before you fall asleep, sometimes even more than it would in the afternoon for example. So when you're lying in bed ready to sleep, scan one of the papers you're worrying about, or recite back some of the keywords you need to remember. You'll find that in the morning, you'll wake up with all the words in your mouth.

Cognitive boosting supplements

If you find that you're not dealing well with the pressure, and you find it hard to focus and remember things, a supplement may help to bring your unbalanced emotions back to the same level. - Neuro clarity in particular, promotes better brain cell health that improves your attention span and increases your energy levels, meaning it's a lot easier to cram in some study sessions without wanting to tap out earlier than you need to.

Not all stress is bad

Some stress when building up to your exams is normal - healthy in fact. It's there to push you into action, and get your body physically and mentally aware, so use it to your advantage. Small amounts of it will encourage you to work harder, and even faster. Just don't let it get too much.

Get a study buddy

It's always nice to feel as though you're not alone, and when studying for your exams, there are tons of people in the exact same boat as you, so use that and get yourself a study buddy. Not only are you learning, but you have someone to push you further and vice versa. Plus it's a lot more fun than being locked in your bedroom alone.


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