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As you or your loved ones grow old, it can feel as though any thought of staying fit is left to the wayside. It is no longer a priority to keep your muscles toned and your heart pumping because even communicating is difficult enough at this age.

However, staying fit and keeping your body moving can be a great way to meet new people, give you more energy and slow the passing of time within your body. It can make you feel young, energized and strong. It will take the mind off the fact that you are growing a little weaker, and maybe prevent the need for an emergency alert system such as, the need for a professional career in the home, or a stair lift in the home for a while longer.

Of course, it's unlikely that you'll be partaking in a marathon or cycling through the countryside, but there are many more gentle ways to keep the body moving and help your muscles stay stronger for longer.


This first one might not technically be an exercise, but it is an important feature in keeping yourself healthy and happy. A healthy body isn't just about what's physically there; it's also about mental health. It is more important than ever to look after your mental health, and meditation is a great way to focus the mind and clear your head of any stress. Performing just 5 minutes in the morning can improve your day.


Rather than trying to run 20 miles and hurting your back, why not try and build your muscles through strength and flexibility? The oldest people in the world practice yoga daily, and it helps them stay young and keep the body strong in all areas.


Putting weight on weak joints and muscles is one of the hardest things to do as you grow old. That is why swimming is an excellent choice of exercise and is popular with the elderly. It is a way of moving the legs, arms and stomach muscles without lifting weights or attempting difficult moves.

Water Aerobics

As with swimming, water aerobics is an alternative to conventional aerobics and can be incredibly useful for keeping active without straining any muscles. It can even help to strengthen areas of the body which have been affected by conditions such as arthritis.


A popular amongst many seniors, dancing is a versatile activity which can include a whole host of different movements and help the elderly to socialize with their peers. Many community centers will have dance sessions every week which people can get involved in and feel part of something great.


If your elderly relative is a fan of gardening, it could be a great idea to buy them an allotment to allow them to fulfill their gardening passion. They will be able to plant bulbs and seeds, nurture plants and even grow their own produce. There's nothing better than homegrown fruit and veg and fresh herbs to add to your Sunday roast!

Dog Walking

If your elderly relative has a dog, then they will most likely already be getting a good amount of exercise from daily walks in the park. It is an excellent way to keep fit and get out in the open.


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