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Whilst you may lead a moderately healthy lifestyle, there’s always more that we could all be doing to better look after ourselves. That might involve obvious lifestyle changes such as a more balanced and healthy diet or finding more ways to stay physically active each day. However, there’s much more than that to looking after yourself. Here are some other health pointers to consider.

A “healthy” appearance

We’re all a little bit vain, whether you’re the kind of person to spend hours in front of a mirror or you simply can’t leave the house without makeup. Of course, monitoring your appearance is very important but from a health standpoint rather than one of beauty. You shouldn’t always leap to the solution that you have to cover up problems with the way you look; think about cause and effect. If you have acne and other skin blemishes then consider the medical reasons behind that; perhaps you need to hydrate more and work on your stress levels. Mental health has an impact on physical health, as we’ll discuss later.

On a more important level, you might want to look out for changes in appearance that seem strange or unexpected. A mole that you don’t recognize is definitely something you’ll want to discuss with your GP just to make sure it’s not a symptom of some underlying medical issue. And, sometimes, what you may have interpreted as a minor rash or skin condition, for example, might be something that requires a medical opinion and diagnosis. If you’re asking yourself “what is Cutaneous Lupus?” then you might want to do a little more research into skin problems and the autoimmune problems which can cause them.

Don’t neglect your mental health

One of the best ways in which you can look after yourself is to check in with your mind on a daily basis. Our physical bodies are prone to injuries and illnesses, but we can always just go to a doctor when we’re unwell or in pain. They can prescribe something, or you can wait out the pain until your body heals by itself. The mind is very different, however. You can be prescribed things to help heal it and sometimes playing the waiting game can lead your thoughts to sort themselves out but you need to be a little proactive to solve most mental health struggles.

You could practice meditation if stress or anxiety are frequently returning problems that you can’t or don’t want to solve with medication. It can really soothe your mental state to focus on your breathing and center yourself so that your thoughts turn away from bigger worries and instead reflect on the simple physical nature of your body. The simple act of throwing yourself into more social situations, even if it simply means a one-on-one discussion with a close friend, can also do a lot to improve your mental state. The very act of talking is often very therapeutic; it means the issue is no longer circling around in your brain. It’s out there in the world and you’ve shared it with somebody important to you. It’s no longer your burden to bear.

Remember, your mind and body are strongly interlinked, as mentioned throughout this article. Don’t neglect one if you want to keep the other healthy.


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