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In our hectic daily lives, our time is taken up by commuting, working, cooking for your family and trying to relax at the end of the night. Keeping fit can be a tricky thing to motivate yourself to do; with the thought of trekking to the gym at 5 am being the last thing on most of our minds. However, what many people don’t realise is that you don’t need a gym to stay fit. In fact, if you wanted to you could stay in the comfort of your living room and follow a workout on YouTube.

However, sometimes even the thought of doing sit ups or forcing yourself into the cold to go for a run first thing in the morning. Luckily there are many different ways you can stay active without even entertaining the idea of working out, and that’s what we are going to look at today.

Play Sports

Joining a local sports team is a simple way to keep active and drop the pounds without hitting the gym. You will gain motivation from your teammates and make some new friends along the way! The great thing is that you don’t have to be a professional to play sports in your local area. You could easily set up a makeshift goal in your backyard and play there.


Dancing is the ultimate social sport. It allows you to meet fun new people, have fun and shed the pounds while you go. There are plenty of different types of dancing you can try- such as Latin, Tap or even a fun Zumba class. Just put on your dancing shoes and have some fun!
Household chores
Never dread cleaning the house again, because it can double up as an effective workout for your body! Vacuuming the house will stretch your legs, arms and get to work on your abs. Kill two bird with one stone and shed the pounds as you clean.
Take The Bike
Rather than hipping in the car when you need a pint of milk, get on your bike and ride over there instead. It will provide a full body workout and you won’t even realise you are doing it!
Walk Your Dog
Dogs are the best way to keep you fit and healthy. They are crazy little balls of fluff that tear through your life and leave you with no other choice than to leave the house to exercise them. Taking your dog for a walk in the local park or in the countryside not only gives you a breath of fresh air, but also give your heart a healthy boost.
Go Shopping
The best option on the list is to opt for some well-needed retail therapy. Carrying heavy bags around from store to store and walking through your local city is a sure-fire way to lose some weight and strengthen your arms in the process. The next time your partner has a go at you for buying a new jumper, tell them you were working off your dinner!


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