On Your Bike! 8 Reasons To Take Up Cycling


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Got a bike that’s gathering dust in your shed? Ever thought of getting back on the saddle? Cycling can have a huge amount of benefits. For those that have been taking it up as a hobby or another mode of getting around, here are a few reasons to help spur you on.

It’s good for your heart

Cycling is very much an aerobic exercise and will help to increase your heart rate. If you don’t do a lot of physical activity, twenty minutes of cycling each day could be enough to keep your heart healthy. Cycling is also good for your blood and lungs, replenishing the body with a fresh source of oxygen and helping to flush toxins out.

It’s good for your mind

Like any form of exercise, cycling releases serotonin – the body’s happy hormone - which is good for the mind. A fresh supply of oxygen to the brain can also help to improve concentration. Cycling to work therefore can allow you to arrive feeling more alert and ready for action.

It will help you build muscles

Cycling predominantly helps to build muscles in the legs, particularly the quads and calves. However, it can also help to build your glutes and abs, whilst gripping the handlebars can help to build shoulder muscles.

It could save you money on travel

Many of us regularly drive short distances that could be easily cycled. Taking a bike could save you the extra costs of fuel that you may be using for this trip. It could also eliminate parking charges – you can lock up your bike anywhere for free.

It could save you time on travel

In some cases, cycling could even save you time. If you don’t own a car and regularly walk to places nearby, taking a bike instead could make the journey four times as quick. Meanwhile, for those traveling short distances by car in urban areas, a bike could allow you to dodge the traffic jams cutting your journey in some cases.

It’s eco-friendly

Cars and public transport burn up fossil fuels and release pollutants. If you’re trying to minimise your carbon footprint and live a more eco-conscious life, cycling could be the way forward in many situations. Whilst building a bike does use up fossil fuels, it’s a fraction of what a car costs the environment to make.

You CAN cycle indoors

If you don’t like the idea of cycling in the rain or find the terrain nearby too challenging, this still needn't be an excuse not to cycle. Exercise bikes can allow you to get your cycling fix at home on a rainy day. There are different exercise bikes out there so shop around to find the best exercise bike for you. If you don’t want to buy one, you could even use your local gym, which is sure to have these bikes.  

You CAN cycle with joint problems

Cycling isn’t recommended if you have joint or bone problems. However, electric bikes now exist on the market which can take the effort out of cycling. This can help to eliminate the strain on joints and bones. 


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