The Surprising Underlying Causes Of Everyday Pains

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When you experience some kind of pain, what’s the first thing you do? Most people will automatically reach straight for the pain medicine, regardless of what the pain is. It is usually only when it’s awful that you will do something else instead, such as visit the doctor. But the best way to deal with pain is to stop it occurring in the first place, and that requires a good understanding of where these pains come from. Many everyday pains are actually caused by simple underlying processes, and knowing what these are can help you to reduce the likelihood of that pain returning. Let’s look at some surprisingly underlying causes of common pains, and see what we could all be doing differently.

Knee Pain

A knee pain can be one of the most frustrating and worrisome strains, and it can easily cause your quality of life to evaporate. Fortunately, it doesn’t often last long, but it is still worth knowing what is likely creating it in the first place. For the more severe examples of knee pain, it might be that there is actually a problem with a ligament. This can often happen as a result of walking slightly funny or over-exerting yourself during sports, and you might not even notice you have done any damage until later on in the day. In more extreme cases, there could also be a tear in the cartilage. When this happens, you will know it, as the pain is known to be excruciating.


Headaches have to be the single most common pain of any kind. We all know too well the familiar feeling of a headache, although some people do appear to be more prone to headaches than others. If you are particularly prone, you might be curious to know what is actually causing them. Surprisingly, your body weight can be a problem here. Obese people are more likely to get regular headaches, so keeping slim could help a lot. It is also true that certain personality traits make you more headache-prone, such as being rigid or obsessive. Whatever headache treatment you tend to go for, it seems that taking care of your body and mind could be a great way to avoid the headaches in the first place.

Back Pain

If there is anything that can make you feel completely overwhelmed, it is back pain. Many of us would like to know precisely why back pain occurs, and you don’t have to have done anything particularly strenuous for this to happen. It might actually be a case of bad posture - something that a lot of people suffer from. If you think you could do with improving your posture, it might be worth setting an alarm or reminder on your office desk to sit straight and watch your stance. It could keep pain at bay much more efficiently. As long as you do this, your back pain is likely to stay away for longer, and that will mean a much higher quality of life on the whole.


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