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When you start a workout program, there can be a lot of excitement to try it out. You can feel some changes to your body quite quickly, and that post-workout ache can be a good feeling; knowing that you’ve worked hard. But after a while, that buzz can wear off. You can feel less motivated to workout, especially if you haven’t seen many changes to your body in a while. So why don’t we finish what we started? What stops us from staying motivated? Here are some really simple things that you can do to get that much needed motivation back at the gym, so that you can really achieve your fitness goals.


Get a Workout Buddy

If there is someone to be accountable to your actions for, then it is much more likely to mean that those actions actually happen. But if you’re not in the market for a personal trainer, but rather just want a buddy to meet up with (and to actually check that you’re in the gym), then a workout buddy is a must. You’re more likely to attend the gym and work harder once you’re there.

Cut Back Slightly

It can be hard to keep up a regular routine of going to the gym five or six times a week. Unless you’re really motivated, it can start to become something that you dread. And if you dread it, then it isn’t going to help you to want to go back. So instead of forcing yourself to go, think about cutting back slightly. Start with twice a week, for instance, rather than just stopping altogether. When you get your mojo back, you can step up the number of times you go.

Get the Gear

Having everything you need for a workout is going to help you to look and feel your best in the gym. And for some people, that can be the difference in them going or not. So if you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear to the gym that fits, then grab yourself a new workout outfit or some new training shoes. A water bottle and a good pair of headphones can amp up your enthusiasm for working out too. So you could look for the 15 best workout headphones on Headphonesaddict, for example, to find some that you like. If it gets you motivated to exercise more just so you can use them, then it has to be a good thing.

Think Positive

If you come to the end of a workout and just think to yourself that you’re glad that it's over, then it isn’t going to be setting yourself up for wanting to return. If you end your workout thinking that you have achieved something good or that you lifted more weight that you thought you’d be able to, then it leaves you feeling good and wanting to do it all over again. Positive thinking can really make such a difference when it comes to exercise and working out.


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