Fitness Tips For The Plus Size Girls

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If you are a little on the larger size, there are a lot of things that might be standing in your way on the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle. You might be suffering from a lack of motivation, due to the knowledge that you will never be thin. Maybe you feel uncomfortable with exercising in public. And perhaps you just don’t know where you should start.

Whatever your reasons, it’s OK - but you have to realize that exercise and fitness are essential for a healthy - and long life. We’re not saying you need to get rid of your curvy figure, but we do want you to stick around and be in good health for as long as possible!

With this in mind, we’ve put together some simple fitness tips for curvy, plus size women. These tips will get you out of the starting blocks, and who knows? Perhaps by the time you finish, you will be ready to take on even more!

Fix yourself first

If you are more overweight than you would like to be, it’s worth getting a checkup with your doctor. You might have some health complications which impact your ability to do certain workouts, and it’s important to lose weight safely. As pointed out over at, there is a broad range of treatments you might be offered. It’s worth investigating all your options before you get down to some serious fitness.

Forget about weight

Before you get started, it’s important to focus on fitness, not fat. As a curvy girl, you might be tempted to check out the scales on a daily basis, but the reality of getting fit is that even though you are losing fat, you will also be gaining muscle. It means your progress won’t show up so much at the beginning of the process, so avoid disappointment by focusing on your figure instead.

Find your inspiration

There are plenty of plus size ladies out there who can be an incredible inspiration for you on your journey. You don’t want to compare yourself to a stick-thin model, so look to super strong athletes like Cheryl Howarth instead - according to, she won Olympic bronze in weightlifting in 2000.

Find compadres

Fitness is infinitely more comfortable when you have a good support network. So, if you really want to break down your barriers, see if any of your friends want to join you on your journey. Not only will you support each other, but after a few workout sessions, you will even start seeing it as a fun - and incredibly social - activity.  

Be yourself

Finally, don’t let anyone grind you down. Some fitness instructors and personal trainers have an intensely arrogant opinion when it comes to larger ladies. So if you receive any bad mouthing, walk away and find someone more suitable for you. Working out isn’t about punishing you, it’s about finding a routine that you enjoy and can carry on long into the future.

Being supersize doesn’t mean you can’t be super fit - so get out there and get yourself going!


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