Small Changes To Your Day That Bring Big Fitness Results

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The appeal of huge, life-changing resolutions when it comes to fitness is a strong one. We all want to change our lives for the better, and it would be fantastic if we could do this all in one go. However, in reality, it is sometimes the small incremental changes that we end up actually maintaining and that have the biggest effect. With that in mind, read on for some tiny changes you can make to your day that can help you reap big rewards with your health and fitness.

Include more movement

Gentle yoga can be a wonderful way to get more movement into your day. 

It goes without saying, but movement is good for fitness. The problem is that many of us are leading lives that are far too sedentary. The best way to address this problem is to choose short, low impact ways to move more over time, and then build up your strength and stamina to the point where you can do more sustained exercise. It is in this way that you can maintain your motivation and reduce the risk of injury.

Luckily, starting small is something that is very easy to do. You can choose to do 20 seconds on and 2 minutes off style interval training, take a walk at lunchtime, go to a yoga class, or ride your bike to work instead of driving. You can even find some of the best hybrid bikes under 500 to buy online to help you get started. Remember though, there is no shame in going slowly, as long as you are going that is enough.

Eat more mindfully

Another small change you can make is to pay more attention when you are eating to the flavors and textures in your mouth, as well as the sensations of hunger and fullness in your body.

To eat more mindfully it can help to eat at the table instead of in front of the TV, and minimize distractions during dinner time. It can also be useful to slow you're eating down, taking time to savor each and every bite, as this is something that not only improves the eating experience but allows you to feel more satisfied with what you have eaten. Something that can stop unnecessarily or excess snacking at a later point in the day, and so have a positive effect on your health and fitness.

Eat this not that

Another fantastic way to positively impact your health is to use the 'eat this not that' strategy. This is based on the idea of swapping a version of something that is better for you with a similar dish. For example, if you have a sugar craving you may choose to eat some dried fruit instead of a candy bar filled with refined sugar. By doing this regularly, you can start making more nourishing food choices and have a positive impact on your fitness and health.


Last, of all, something that everyone can do to improve their health and fitness is to breathe. Breathe properly, and more often that is.

Cleansing breath from the bottom of the diaphragm stimulates the brain and ensure that oxygenated blood reaches all of your muscles and organs. The benefits of this being glaringly obvious for improved fitness and health.

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