The 3 Big Killers Of A Fit & Healthy Lifestyle, Even If You Work Out

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When it comes to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, you might feel that you have everything taken care of. Researching the best and most commonly accepted workout literature and diet advice from blogs like ours is a fantastic place to start. Of course, you will always need to fuse that with the intent to constantly keep on top of and maintain this lifestyle, but anyone who embarks on this is likely to feel the benefits so profoundly that maintaining the lifestyle simply becomes second nature.

However, that doesn’t mean your fitness story should end at this point, resting on the knowledge that you know and simply maintaining it. Even for people who eat correctly and workout right, there can be a whole host of issues you might be neglecting. These can contribute to an even more difficult time achieving your fitness goals, becoming less comfortable in your achievements as a result.

Working out and eating right all week isn’t easy, so make sure the following habits aren’t scuppering your chances of living a full, healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Lack Of The Right Vitamins

Eating right surely helps you gain plenty of your dietary requirements, but sometimes not all. It’s important to supplement your diet with a multivitamin, fish oil and Vitamin D. You can learn more about this over at Life Advancer, but you should always keep a solid support intake of these minerals to make sure you’re functioning at optimum levels.

This is especially true if you have a dedicated workout method stressing your body. Often, helping your body repair in a better timeframe will be achieved through supplementation in this way. Also, consider using zinc supplements for better sleep, and fulvic acid to replace the minerals that your body really needs.

Sedentary Outside The Gym

It’s not easy to stay active all day. You might have an office job which requires you to sit down for multiple hours at a time. You might work from home, and thus need to spend many hours sitting in front of your desktop PC. Even if you workout for two hours a day, the other 22 hours in a relatively sedentary state can be terrible for you.

For this reason, it’s important to understand how to improve your activity levels. Consider getting into office stretches, home foam rolling, or taking up another activity such as yoga three times a week. Go for impromptu walks in your free time and don’t be afraid to eschew the car travel for a nice stroll to your destination. Remember, our ancestral nomads were constantly on the move, meaning that our bodies are hardwired for activity. Honoring your body in this way will help your health become complete.

Safe Practice & Hygiene

Many people who are concerned with health may not spend the exact same diligent time in care of their hygiene. For this reason, it’s important to see exactly how you could improve in this way. Do you take a shower every morning? How often do you wash your gym gear, clean your earbuds, or clean gym equipment before and after use? How often do you wash your sneakers, and bedsheets at home? Improving these things can leave your general life much cleaner, less prone to illness or disease, and more wholesome.

With these small tips, your efforts in health and fitness will never be let down by a missed consideration.


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