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Running is such a great way of keeping up your health, it literally has so many benefits that each time you run, you will be running for your life. Not in the sense that you’re being chased, but in the sense, you’re saving your life each time you fun. Maintaining fitness levels is so much more important than people realize. Yet some people hate going to the gym and being in the environment where they’re feeling watched. Some people prefer to be out in nature, breathing in the fresh air, and taking in some wonderful scenery. However you chose to do it, this is why you should literally be running for your life.


As good as running is, it’s no easy task. It takes a lot of patience to build up the stamina to go long distance. If you’re a couch potato and thinking of going on your first run, then you’re definitely going to be in for a shock. First things first, come prepared. You need to keep yourself hydrated before you even go on the run. It is recommended that people drink 2 liters of water a day or around 8 glasses. If you’re not a water lover, like a lot of people aren’t, get yourself some flavored water or just add some squash to your glass. Water itself has so many benefits for your body. It keeps your alert, is amazing for your skin, and helps to flush anything nasty out of your system. Then you need to focus on what you’re going to wear. Non fitted tracksuits, or things as silly as jeans really aren’t going to cut it. Get some professional running gear if you’re really going to take it seriously. Then you need to get yourself a kick-ass pair of trainers to protect your feet from the impact to the ground. Converse, for example, aren’t going to protect your feet for long, that impact will soon start impacting you. Check out the sale on brooks running shoes if you’re interested in getting something a bit more professional.

Then you need to focus on the how in terms of the actual running. As we said, if you’re a person who hates exercise, running is going to tire you out pretty quickly. Pace is so so important. Start off with a gentle jog for 10 minutes on your first day. If you need to take a minute rests turn it to a fast walk rather than dead stopping. Your heart rate will lower and it’ll be hard to get yourself going again. Try to keep the route on level ground, running uphill will only mess you up further. Then, for your next run extend it to 12, and go up by two’s until you can feel your stamina rising, then increase the pace. Before you know it you’ll be running miles and feeling great about yourself. Plus the calories you burn are incredible. Couple it with a healthy diet and your body will be on track to a healthy future.


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