Dealing With the First Week Symptoms of the HCG Diet

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A majority of the HCG dieters drop their dieting plan in the first week of the diet. It is strongly believed by the HCG diet experts that if you get through the first week of the HCG diet, you’ll easily get through the entire diet phase. A sudden change in the diet and the HCG hormone together creates some symptoms in the first week of the diet. These symptoms may be felt more by some individuals and make the dieting seem impossible thing for them. But, if you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can deal with the symptoms more easily. Read on to know, how you can get through your first week of HCG diet to attain your goal of a slim body.

Headaches – One of the most common symptoms felt by HCG dieters is a headache. The severity of a headache can vary from being mild to moderate. But, don’t take any medicine to relieve your headache. It is mostly caused due to the dehydration caused by the body. So, you can relieve the pain simply by increasing the water intake. You should always have a bottle of water during your HCG diet so that you can frequently sip water to hydrate your body. If you keep drinking enough water from the very beginning of the day, you can even avoid any chance of a headache.

Cravings for caffeinated drinks – Craving is not a problem in itself if you can eat or drink the think you are craving for. We all are addicted to one or the other bad eating habits, consuming caffeinated beverage being the most common habit. When you go on the very low-calorie diet prescribed as HCG diet, the caffeinated beverages are strictly prohibited. This may make you feel like a smoker trying to quit smoking. You’ll feel the uncontrollable urge to drink caffeinated beverages. However, the degree of the craving will depend on your level of addiction for these things. Whenever your mind says you need a drink, you should immediately sip water. If plain water seems boring you can add little stevia but stay away from any sweetened or caffeinated beverages.

Hunger pains – This is an inevitable symptom. Although the HCG injection will not let you be really hungry. But, your mind will keep you reminding of hunger in the form of hunger pains. Your body is accustomed to fulfilling the energy requirement of the body by fat, carbs, and sugar you consume. It will take some time to learn that the energy requirement can also be fulfilled by the stored fat in the body. Once your body learns this, you’ll stop feeling any hunger pains. So, don’t do the mistake of cheating on your diet in the very first week. Find out what are the Biggest Mistakes Committed by the HCG Dieters dieters commit so that you can avoid them.

Constipation – Although you can get constipated at any point in the dieting phase, the first week is the major risk zone. Some people think that when they are eating so less, there’s no problem if there’s no bowel movement daily. It is absolutely wrong. Even on the very low-calorie diet, you need to empty your bowels daily. This is important because if you don’t do so, your body will start producing toxins. To keep yourself safe from bodily toxins you need to keep excreting out wastes from the body. For this, you need to consciously add vegetables rich in fiber into your diet. Eat lots of vegetables that are rich in fibers and low in calories.

Anxiety – You start HCG diet with lots of hopes and dreams of a better-shaped body. You might have unrealistic weight loss expectations. This can lead you into anxiety when you don’t see a drop in your weight as per your expectation. Getting one or the other above-mentioned physical symptoms can also make you anxious towards the effectiveness of the HCG diet. You must know that everything in our complex body is linked to each other. So, being anxious can also have a bad impact on your weight loss. You need to remain calm and composed especially during the first week of the diet. Stop thinking about the result and focus only on the present procedure. Living in present is the best way to deal with anxiety.

Confusion – Well, this is not a symptom produced by HCG hormone or lack of calories. Confusion occurs to those dieters who are not well prepared for the diet. If you don’t read the HCG protocol carefully before starting the diet, you’ll remain confused what to do and what not to do. HCG diet is a very restrictive diet not only in terms of calories but also in terms of lifestyle. Rules like no exercise, no makeup can leave you confused if you don’t read the protocol yourself. So, be sure to read the diet protocols at least twice before starting your diet. The next big thing that can create confusion is the choice of food. The allowed food list of HCG diet is very small so you cannot just walk into your kitchen and cook anything. You need to be well-planned for your foods on HCG diet. Before you start your diet, you should list down several recipes and plan your whole week diet schedule. When you plan in advance, you won’t have to get confused. Making a schedule does not simply means writing down what you’ll eat at what time. You need to have all the groceries ready at your home at least a day before.

Starting with a good plan means you win half the race, the other half can be won by sticking to the plan. In addition to knowing the above-mentioned tips, you should also stay in touch with an HCG expert. The problems discussed above are generic problems. If you encounter an issue that is not very common, you should have somebody who can help you out.      


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