Fat Burning Exercises for the Laziest Health Enthusiasts

Written by
Bradley K. 

I know you are a health enthusiast because you’re reading this post. But if you consider yourself a lazy person in general, then this post is exactly for you!

Fat burning is not an easy feat for people like us, who are concerned about their health but just can’t face the fact that they would have to exercise daily for it. We prefer a great diet above exercising, which in most of the cases doesn’t work out for us. At a frustrated point, we end up joining various fitness programs of a promising gym, spending a fortune. We end up being discouraged during the very first week and slowly become irregular which ultimately ends up in our not going to the gym at all anymore. And then we stay unhappy because we couldn’t see it through. We become convinced that fitness is something we will probably never achieve, but we can’t shake off the thought that we ought to do it but we are not doing it. Isn’t that just sad?

I know because I’ve been there. Trust me when I say this, it is not going to be like that anymore. There are a number of ways that is suitable for someone who isn’t very committed to gyms or regular exercising. A lot of them has helped me, and I know that they will help you too!

So buckle up and get ready for some light commitments so that you can get your body in shape this season!

1.      Go out for a stroll around the neighborhood

We stay so deeply engrossed in everyday work and chores that sometimes we don’t get to manage the free time to explore the neighborhood a bit. Take the chance to visit the locality and get your exercise. Start slow, like a stroll should be, so that you are not hard on your body. Increase the pace with time. Try not to stop or take breaks. If the pace is difficult for you, slow it down, and go back to a stroll.

Do this every day, with a maximum of two days off each week when the body rebuilds the muscles. With each passing day, try to make you pace faster. Slowly turn your walk into a jog, and although this might take a lot of time, when you are comfortable jogging, jog around the neighborhood every day.

I will remind you to be patient since any great weight loss schemes take time, and to be honest, these are the best kinds of weight loss and fitness programs because these give the body to slowly adapt to the changes and thus, make the changes stay for longer.

2.      Cycle

There is nothing more liberating than the rush of pleasant wind on your face while you speed up on your bicycle. If you have a bicycle, start riding it once again. Try to avoid the hot sun and cycle during the cooler parts of the day. If you do not possess one currently, you can always get one or borrow one from a friend. If you have never got around learning how to ride a bike, well, this is your chance! Do out there and do what you never got to do! You’ll feel amazing, and at the same time, you will lose a lot of weight.

3.      Learn free hand exercises

Right now, people consider exercising as equivalent to going to the gym, as if, exercising is not at all possible without a gym. Trust me when I say that it is not the case. Learn some free hand exercises that are easy to learn and follow, like:


Crunches have a huge variety, like regular Crunch, Twist Crunch, Side Crunch, Reverse Crunch and Vertical Leg Crunch, and you can go for the ones that suit you better.


Squats are not that difficult but are highly effective for weight loss. You can learn and choose to include from a wide variety of squats like Body Weight Squat, Body Weight Jump Squat, Pistol Squat, etc. These might seem to be a bit difficult in the beginning, but trust me, squats don’t take more than a week to get used to.

4.      Skip

Skipping has been proven as one of the best exercises when you want to lose weight and build stamina. You can buy a skipping rope from any super shop and can start skipping at home. Start slow, and skip just for a few minutes. Skipping takes time to get used to but is extremely fun. You will feel your stamina getting boosted in days and your fat will start burning. Unlike specific exercises that focus on specific parts of your body, skipping burns fat from almost everywhere and is, therefore, a great exercise for overall weight loss.

The exercises mentioned above, are simple, easy, fuss-free and great for weight loss at the same time! Don’t let people feel you bad not joining gyms because you need to understand that not all people reach their goals in the same way. The means can differ. What you need to see is the result. But you also need to remember that in order to attain anything, you will always need to be patient and consistent.

Do not stop exercising if it seems tough the first day, rather just do what you can do. Giving up will never make it better and you will be filled with regret at the end of the day. Try a little bit of exercise every day and go easy on yourself. You might need longer but longer is way better than never getting there at all.

So charge yourself up with these simple exercises and keep your diet balanced, and wait to lose those extra pounds you have been meaning to lose forever! When you are doing great at the simple exercises, try some more from numerous tips and helps at thefitandtone and kickstart each phase with something new!


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