Here Are the Crazy Things that Happen to Your Body When You Drink More Water

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It’s a proven fact that most people don’t drink anywhere near as much water as they should. A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually solve a huge range of health problems by simply drinking more. For example, water can help you to stop feeling groggy, it can put an end to that nasty headache you have and it can also help you to lose weight as well. It doesn’t matter whether you take a glass of water from the faucet or whether you stick with the tap water that you have because this clear liquid is essential to your overall health.


When you’re parched and you have that first gulp of fresh water, you can really fill your body up and it can also hydrate you as well. Even if you are really thirsty, however, it still takes a little bit of time for the water to make its way to your cells and your body. The relief that you feel isn’t you hydrating yourself, it’s an anticipatory reflex. A study found that your body is able to predict when you are going to be dehydrated, and therefore makes you feel thirsty. You aren’t actually dehydrated at that point, but the water does get sent to the cells to stop you from getting to that stage. The body is a remarkable thing, isn’t it?

Energy Boosting

Coffee isn’t the only pick-me-up when you feel tired and groggy. Most of the time, you’ll feel tired because you aren’t drinking enough water. The next time you are feeling a little tired or down in the dumps, consider having a glass of water instead. When you do this, you’ll not only be stopping that afternoon slump, but you’ll also be able to stop the inevitable crash that comes with coffee as well. This is great if you feel as though you have too much coffee, or if you feel tired even though you have just had one. You’ll feel better for it, that’s for sure!

You’re Less Hungry

If you’re hungry, you might actually just be thirsty. Studies have shown that even though the brain is a very complex organ, it is still yet to know the difference between hunger and thirst 100% of the time. Drinking water between meals can really help to suppress your appetite and it can also encourage you to eat less as well. This means that you will consume far fewer calories per day and it is a great way for you to give yourself that healthy boost you need. If you hate water, why not try cucumber water instead? It’s just as healthy but way tastier!

Your Metabolism Gets a Boost

When you put your body in fat-burning mode, you’ll burn way more calories per day when compared to someone who isn’t. When you drink water, you can easily boost your metabolic rate by well over 30% and if you increase your water intake by 1.5 litres a day then this can easily help you to burn over 17,000 more calories every single year. That’s not bad at all for absolutely zero effort and it is a great way for you to really take things to that next level whenever you hit the gym.


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