How To Boost Your Weight Loss When You've Hit A Wall

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No weight loss journey is simple, and everyone gets to a stage in their lifestyle change where they simply hit a wall and seem unable to shift anymore of the weight. No matter if you’ve cut out anything that could pile an ounce of fat on you, it’s simply your body holding on to what you’ve got. Many people experience this because as time goes on the amount that you’re losing is bound to slow down. Often people experience the most success at the beginning of their journey because they are kicking themselves into shape. However, it is disheartening when you begin to slow to a stop.  Luckily, there are ways to kickstart your weight loss again, and here’s how.

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Do a detox

While you might not be cramming your body full of saturated fats and sugars anymore, there’s always room for a detox within your body. Over time your body builds up things that are difficult to digest or take longer to digest and that’s the weight that your body is holding on to. Do yourself a favour and do a complete detox to kickstart your body back into losing the intended weight. Here are some proven detox methods for you to try! Remember not to do a detox for too long otherwise your body will lose too many valuable nutrients which could cause you to fall ill.

Pump up your exercise plan

One of the biggest reasons for your body slowing down is that you’re not pushing it hard enough to lose the remaining weight. Over time your body gets used to the new routine that you’ve given it and the amount that you lose each week will slow down. Try out a new and more intense exercise regime so that you can push your body back into losing weight. Check out for a kickass exercise plan for you to try. Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you do see a few pounds creep on then you know why. Try to look at your shape rather than your weight at times to notice how far you’ve come!

Use a smaller plate

Using a smaller plate can trick your mind into thinking that you’ve had a larger meal. It’s a simple mind trick, when you see a full plate you immediately feel like it will fill you up, so rather than using your normal plates, try a smaller one so that you can fool your mind into thinking you’re full. Also, put your knife and fork down between each bite and really savour the food you’re eating. It takes your mind around 20 minutes to realize that it’s satisfied, so give it chance to catch up!

Put yourself back in the right mindset

Finally, there’s no point in trying if your mind isn’t in the right place about the whole concept of weight loss. There are fabulous social media groups that you can join to help boost your morale and motivation. Consider joining one so that you’ve got some moral support there when you need it.


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