Four Health Checks to Help Avoid Being Neglectful of Your General Health

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We can all be neglectful of our health at times. It isn’t about going to the doctors when you think there is something seriously wrong, we are actually good at that. It is the little things in our bodies and our health that we can begin to take advantage of, which then can make us feel affected by our quality of life as something deteriorates. We take advantage that we can see, that we can hear and smell. Often these are the area sin our bodies that we can keep regular tabs on through general examination. I thought I would share with you the four health checks you should have a regular routine of appointments for.

Eye Exams

When was the last time you had an eye exam? Did you know that it is recommended for an adult aged 18-64 to have their eyes examined every two years? For children, it is from the age of 6 months, aged 3 and then before they start school or any home learning. I suppose it makes sense. Not having a child’s eyes tested could cause learning problems as they may struggle. It’s easy to book in for an eye exam and get your eyes checked. You may have even noticed struggling to read small print or seeing into the distance. This is where glasses or contact lenses could help.

Dental check-ups

Dental care is so important, but I bet most of us don't have our check-ups as often as we should do. Yes, life gets in the way, but we will be thankful for good dental hygiene when we are older. Your dentist will recommend a good routine for you and your teeth, depending on your dental history. Biannual examinations tend to be what they go for. A dental hygienist will also give your teeth a good scrape and clean, so it’s well worth making that appointment.

Ear care

Our hearing is vital to our daily lives and can really be taken for granted. But yet many of us won’t get them checked unless we have a problem with them. We may even put off things like regular earache or headaches as just being a normal part of life. But there may be something going on that we don’t know about. We don’t have to get them checked as often as our eyes or teeth. But it’s worthwhile having a check every now and again to make sure your hearing is in tip-top condition. It may be found that hearing aids could help sharpen your hearing, you may not have even noticed you had an issue before. You can learn more about it online, and it actually isn’t as bad as it may seem. With the advancements in technology hearing aids can hardly be noticed.

General health checks

I bet many of us only see or physicians or doctors if there is something wrong. But why don’t we go for those regular tests to make sure we are still healthy. Sometimes those checks can identify an underlying problem that we may not have even been aware of. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

With our daily lives getting so busy, it’s so important to keep on top of things like health. It’s the one thing we need to continue living our lives. We shouldn’t take our bodies for granted, that’s for sure.


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