4 Tips to Melt Belly Fat Away

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During the past year, I've avoided the scale in fear of the number that would be revealed to me.  Why was there a need to know my weight? I decided that since I was going to the gym, there was no urgent need to know my weight.  I somehow convinced myself that weighing my body wasn't important, and as a result, my weight escalated.  Don't make this mistake!!  This mentality will make it more difficult to rid your body of excess weight. Humans can and will develop justification and excuses for about anything!   To make things worse, when I was weighed during an annual physical, my physician helped rationalize my weight gain. Most of the extra weight is located around my belly which is very unhealthy and is cause for immediate attention.

Belly Fat Basics 

Abdominal fat is dangerous as it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.  There are two main types of fat located around your mid-section, one more dangerous than the other.  First, subcutaneous fat, the fat that you can see with the human eye located on your belly.  Subcutaneous fat more or less is considered undesirable cosmetically or aesthetically.   The second fat, the more dangerous abdominal fat, is visceral fat.  Visceral fat is located inside our bodies invisible to the human eye. It is located in between the abdominal organs and considered highly dangerous.  Regardless, of which type of fat located around our belly, we should learn a healthier way of living in an effort to melt belly fat away. 

In an effort to help with weight loss, I've developed the following 4 tips to help melt stubborn belly fat away:

Change Eating Habits

Get serious about your daily eating habits. To begin, go through your refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, and pantries.  Get rid of junk food.  This will help you become mindful of what you are consuming.  Another way to be mindful of your food choices is to keep a food diary.  Technology can assist with this task.  Apps such as See How You Eat and Lose It are very helpful with tracking daily food choices.  Fruits, lean meats, almonds, unsalted nuts, and leafy green vegetables can help keep your tummy thin. Remember you are in control. Do not make excuses - prepare meals ahead of time.     

Incorporate Vitamins & Supplements 

Incorporating vitamins and supplements into your daily routine will help with overall wellness and nutritional intake. Vitamins and supplements provide our bodies with essential nutrients that may be lacking although we are eating properly.  The most common vitamins and supplements recommended by healthcare providers include multi-vitamins, Omega-3s, calcium, and probiotics.  To help rid belly fat some popular weight loss supplements include  Orlistat and Green Tea extract.  Choose quality vitamins and supplements.  Take caution when purchasing them as they may not be from reputable manufacturers.  Purchase them from a trusted source. To start, I highly recommend to read Orlistat reviews.  
Walk Belly Fat Away 

Exercise is necessary to assist with shedding extra unwanted pounds and essentially melting your tummy fat away.  One of the simplest, least expensive ways to exercise is walking!  In fact, according to a recent British study, mentioned by Prevention magazine, walking is proven to be more effective for weight loss than other exercises.  It can be done by individuals of all fitness levels.   A few years ago I lost about 1 to 2 pounds per week by just walking. Perhaps you have a dog? With summer approaching it's a good idea to start taking your dog on daily walks once or twice a day.  


Admittingly, one of my favorite beverages is frozen chocolate coffee.  I decided to look at the calorie content of frozen chocolate coffee and a large size is almost 1,000 calories.  Needless to say, I will only allow myself to have this drink sparingly if at all.  There are so many beverage choices the problem many hide the ingredients under different names.  For example, sugar can be disguised under different names like - lactose and dextrose.  Water is the best option, it has many benefits including promoting weight loss. Maybe you don't like water because of its plain taste? Add lemon or fruit to infuse water for a more desirable refreshing taste.    

Changing your daily routine to incorporate these healthy tips is possible.  I'd suggest adding one tip per week over next five to six weeks.  Do not overwhelm yourself by trying too much too soon. This can lead to failure.  365 Days of Health & Fitness is here to support you with your weight loss journey.   We'd like to hear your thoughts - what techniques have you tried to lose belly fat?  


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