Is Your Job Affecting Your Health?

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If you have a desk job where you spend eight hours a day and forty hours a week stuck in your chair with your eyes glued to a laptop screen, you may think that your job is pretty mundane, safe and does little to damage your health. However, you may be wrong. Eye strain from staring at a computer screen, spinal damage from poor posture and headaches from lack of natural light can be the result of a desk job. Many jobs, if not all professions, can damage our health in some way. Take a look at these more normal jobs that may be affecting your health and discover what you can do to limit their damaging impact.


Construction is one of the most popular industry sectors in the United States with more graduates entering the profession as trainee foremen and an abundance of individuals who leave school becoming builders and bricklayers each year. The obvious dangers as a builder come from the tools and machinery that are present on construction sites. It’s vital that you understand how to use every power tool you come into contact with. Attend refresher safety training and don’t be afraid to say to your boss that you have no idea how to use the new chainsaw on site.

You also need to be aware of the hazards that can be lurking in the materials on site. If you have been responsible for demolishing asbestos-laden buildings, you may have been exposed to cancer-causing compounds, and you may need to contact a mesothelioma lawyer at some point later in life. In the meantime, stay as healthy as possible, eat a nutritious, balanced diet, give up smoking and keep up with the gym sessions.


Investment banking has had a poor reputation in recent years with professionals being blamed for the credit crunch of the late noughties. Much more heavily regulated than it once was, the banking industry is still a highly stressful environment in which to work and can have a damaging effect on your mental health. Ensure that you don’t put in sixteen-hour shifts and that you take your holiday as it is owed. While you might enjoy the fast-paced nature of the job, the lows can be equally extreme. Ensure you strike a clear home and work-life balance, maintain a social life and partake in a regular relaxing hobby to ward off stress.

Customer Facing Roles

While customer service agents may not appear to have a dangerous job, it is the people that they come into contact with that can make their daily routine a tad more perilous. Those people working in complaints departments that have people visiting their premises are often encountering more irate individuals. It is not unheard of for encounters to turn confrontational and physical. It’s important that customer service agents have adequate conflict resolution training and are empowered to shut down any conversation that they feel threatened by.

While many of us love our jobs, we also need to be aware of the impact that our career choice may have on our health.


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