Incredible Advancements: How Is Technology Improving Our Health?

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Technology moves forward incredibly quickly, but it’s not all about keeping up with the latest smartphone or gadget. Technology can help us, monitor, treat and even prevent health issues; providing much hope for those with ongoing conditions, as well as a brighter future for younger generations. Here are some examples.

Technology allows us to track our health ourselves

When you’re in the dark about your health, it’s easy to not take responsibility for it. We can assume that things are fine, even though we’re not making great decisions. For example, research shows that we have a tendency to overestimate things like the amount of activity we’re doing, and underestimate things like how much food and calories we’re consuming. This is a quick way to gain weight and all of the associated problems that obesity brings. It isn’t great news for those with existing health issues that need to be looking after themselves. Things like fitness trackers allow us to see in black and white exactly how much activity we’ve done, how strenuous it was and provide an accurate estimate of how many calories are burned based on things like age and weight in our user profile. It can allow us to see how much sleep we’re getting and makes it easy to track calories and macronutrients by adding food information into the app. When we can see this information in front of us, it makes it obvious if any changes need to be made and can allow us to take responsibility. 

Other ways technology can help us to track our health is by things such as smart blood pressure and blood sugar monitors that link up to an app. Also, things like medication timers to remind people when to take which tablet and when can be useful for those who have to take pills daily. Of course, we’re always going to still need professional medical advice and checkups, but between these visits technology allows us to keep tabs on our health and look after ourselves in the best way.

Advancements in technology and medicine go hand in hand

When we think of medical advancements, it’s easy to picture breakthroughs in a laboratory using different pathogens or samples. However, many medical advancements are actually based on technology. Not only does this allow us to understand, detect and monitor different conditions but it can also allow us to treat them too. Take prostate laser surgery, for example, a laser delivers energy which shrinks and removes excess tissues with no drugs needed. Molecular imaging can be used in the challenging field of lung metastasis, detecting lung carcinomas which can grow along bronchi and blood vessels. Cancer nanotherapy is fulfilling the need of medical science that wishes to deliver precise treatments that are less invasive, less costly, and less complicated to administer.

Technology can make life easier for those with a permanent condition

Life can already be difficult enough, but when you have a permanent or ongoing condition it’s always harder. Thankfully technology is advancing all the time that can provide hope for those with these illnesses and conditions. For example, for those that are deaf, a wrist-worn device can alert them of things like the doorbell ringing, fire alarm going off or their phone ringing through vibration. Even things like smart home which aren’t designed for those specifically with health issues can be useful. Being able to turn sockets and lights on and off through a voice-activated speaker or app or monitor CCTV from their phone could be useful for those with mobility issues.


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