Maintaining Your Brain Health Now And For The Rest Of Your Life

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What are we? Are we autonomous bags of meat wandering the planet desperately trying to find meaning? Are we encased in organic matter waiting for the upgrade that will see us live forever? Are we systems of electrical impulses that have learned for themselves? Whatever your beliefs, it’s safe to say that (to paraphrase Descartes) we think, therefore we are. Our brains account for pretty much everything that makes us… us. Our thoughts, our memories, our personalities, and preferences… It’s all a rich tapestry etched across trillions of neural pathways working in perfect synchrony to create the person we are. Each of us is unique and each of us is special, and all that stuff that makes up who we are… It’s worth protecting.

That’s exactly why many of us need to take a little more care of our brains as we navigate the path of life. Whether due to accident, injury or illness, the world can conspire to rob us of the delicate matrix of tissue and electricity that makes us who and what we are. In our desire to achieve a lean, healthy and beautiful body, we mustn’t let these superficially led times distract us from what’s really important. Here are some ways we can maintain our brain health now and for the rest of our lives…

Wear head protection when playing sports

Head (and eye) protection is an essential safety precaution when playing sports and cycling. Our skulls are pretty hardy, but a single mishap with a wayward baseball or a simple lane change without checking your blind spot could result in a head injury that could severely impair your brain function. While some cyclists still try and rationalize their choice not to wear a helmet, is it really a risk worth taking?

Wear shoes that prevent slips, trips, and falls

Of course, the world of sports isn’t the only place where we can be rendered vulnerable to head injury. Even in the world of work we are beset on all sides by hazards that could result in head trauma that could have long-lasting effects if a brain injury after a fall is sustained. The workplace is full of slip and trip hazards and while your employer has a legal obligation to ensure that all employees are aware of them (by putting down ‘wet floor’ signs after a room has been mopped, for example), it still behooves you to take steps to prevent slips and trips. Therefore, ensure that your smart work shoes have a decent grip to mitigate the risk of slips, trips or falls.

Eat more plants and less of everything else

Even if we manage to go our whole lives without a head injury, we still risk having everything that makes us who we are taken away from us by Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. But it’s never too late or too early to take steps to guard against this. Dementia is caused by deposits of plaque in the brain which is less likely to occur on a low fat, plant-based diet. Studies have shown that those who enjoy a completely plant-based diet have a reduced risk of dementia. Even if you don’t like the idea of going full vegan, it’s certainly worth eating more plants and less of everything else.  


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