Reasons Every Woman Should Take Up Resistance Training

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Researchers have found that resistance training is beneficial to women, especially those over 40. Until now, the take has been quite low, as most women associate this with lifting heavy weights or using intimidating machines. It does not have to be like that though, and now there is a school of thought that says all women should try it.

Weight Reduction

Muscle is denser than fat. If you take up resistance training you may find that your weight stays exactly the same because of this, but your body will look and you will feel much healthier, although you probably will see some weight loss if your body needs it. It’s probably the most effective way to slim down and tone up that there is.

You Will Be Stronger

It is good muscles that give you strength, not flabby fat. As your muscles develop and your fat disappears you will become stronger naturally. Your dress might not go down, and they scales may drop just a little bit, but you will be more toned than you were and that has to mean you look better.

Your Joints’ Will Benefit

Stronger muscles will take more of the strain from your joints, and anything that reduces the stress put on joints has to be good. Resistance training can be a good way of reducing the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis, and knee replacement surgery, to name but a few things, as your joints age, and that will mean that your joints will not give you so much pain. They will be stronger and able to do more, such as longer walks before they start to ache even.

It Reduces The Risk Of Back Problems

Because strength training builds stronger muscles, the ones in your back will provide more support to your spine. Studies have shown that women who take part in this activity are far less likely to suffer from lower back pain. In fact, it showed an 80% improvement in the numbers of women who did no longer have to put up with back pains once they had started the training.

Good For Staving Off Heart Diseases And Diabetes

Most of us know that if we want to avoid heart disease or diabetes we have to stop smoking, eat healthily and get regular exercise. Resistance training is a perfect exercise to help stave off heart diseases and diabetes.

In the case of adult-onset diabetes, weight training can improve the body’s use of glucose by 23% in just 4 months. That can mean the difference between needing medication or not.

You Will Be Less Anxious

A study at Harvard showed that just 10 weeks of strength training reduced the symptoms of depression more successfully than counseling. Women who train often comment that they feel more confident and less stressed, so this is just another good reason to consider resistance training.

Women who slowly lose their fat but strengthen their muscles are changing the composition of their body, for the better. Many women are put off because they imagine themselves weight training in a room full of men, but this is not what happens. If you are concerned about that though, see if there are any women-only weight training sessions near you. They certainly ate becoming more popular and many more women now want to take up this form of exercise.


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