3 Options To Consider To Help Your Aging Parent or Loved One Plan For The Future

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While aging can be a difficult subject to discuss with your loved one, it is part of life's natural process. Facing the reality that we may need assistance as we age may seem scary, however, the following options can be considered when having this important discussion with your loved one.  Thoughts that may come to mind:  How can I talk to parents or relatives about planning for the future when only a short time ago they were responsible for my care as a child?  While these thoughts may produce fear and anxiety, do not avoid discussing a plan for the future with your relative.  Bypassing this important discussion does much more harm than good. A good starting point is to learn about the different resources and options available for the aging and pass this knowledge onto your relatives.

More importantly, in order to ease tension and determine a solid plan for your aging parent or relative, the following suggestions have been developed for a smooth transition into their future.

Move closer to your aging relatives 

If you live far away, it may be time to move closer or have them move into your home.  It's hard to determine whether they are receiving the proper care when you are thousands or even hundreds of miles away.  Remember, at one point they were independent and may not want to admit they are having trouble with common everyday living tasks.  Many families turn their spare living space into a spacious area for their aging relatives.  Having them close will provide peace of mind and assure proper care as you will be able to supervise what is taking place.

Once you've decided on living arrangements, remember moving in of itself is a stressful task.  I've learned the hard way a few times. First, secure an appointment with a reliable mover such as -https://www.mybekins.com/location/las-vegas-nv-movers/.  Keep in mind renting storage space is definitely not a good idea, it is costly and unnecessary.  Sort through everything, purge, and donate things you do not need.  This will free up a lot of space.  Did you know that you could donate used furniture?  Use this website to begin the donation process. You can also purchase gently used furniture for a new home or apartment in order to cut costs.  

Understand the difference between elder care facilities 

The main facilities that provide care for the elderly are skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and home care companies.  They all provide different levels of care, therefore, when considering the different options it would be a good idea to make an appointment with a social worker or nurse to determine the best plan of care.

Each plan will be different and tailored to the needs of your parent or relative.  If your parent or relative is still fairly independent, both assisted living and home care services are acceptable.  Assisted living facilities provide small apartments for the elderly.  They monitor the residents 24/7 by providing nursing care, meal preparation, daily activities, and transportation. Home care companies send a certified aide or a companion depending upon what the client requires.  The aide will help with light chores, meal preparation, remind the client to take medications, shopping, and in some cases, drive to doctor's appointments.  Finally, skilled nursing facilities are for those who need comprehensive medical care.  

Start a fundraiser to help with expenses 

Caring for the aging population could become extremely costly.  Medication expenses alone cost hundreds of dollars per month with or without medical insurance.  Plus, medical insurance premiums are unaffordable for most elderly people.  At times the elderly are more concerned about purchasing their medication over groceries.  You must also consider that at one point or another they may require nursing assistance or companionship during the day.  The best place to begin finding out about building a fundraising campaign to assist with your loved one's expenses can be found at https://www.globalfacesdirect.com/.  

The above ideas should help ease the daunting thoughts of aging and help you approach your aging parent or relative to structure a solid plan for the future.  They will make the conversation less intimidating and encourage a strong focus on all of the integral aspects of their care. The quicker you begin to develop a plan the more time you will have to enjoy leisurely activities with your aging parent or relative.


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