A Small Guide to Building An Online Business

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If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the dream to own a business, building an online business is something to consider.  With today's technological innovation and a wealth of opportunity, there are many ways to begin an online business. In fact, according to an article via Franchise Direct there are approximately 38 million home-based businesses.  Many online businesses DO NOT require overhead or inventory. 

Some businesses allow you to become an independent sales consultant or distributor. These companies will provide consultants with their own website and online store.  An example would be Paparazzi Accessories.  Paparazzi sales consultants sell $5 jewelry sets, going by the motto - "Feed Your $5 Habit".  With Paparazzi the consultant does not have to keep a large inventory on hand.  Customers can purchase from the consultant's personal online store, directly hosted by Paparazzi.   Whether you decide to become a part of a company or build it from the ground up, there are essential components to building an online home-based business.  

Below are some important suggestions to begin an online business venture along with one business idea to consider.    

Develop a Solid Business Plan

A business plan is often considered a roadmap to success.  The business plan should be developed first, as it provides structure and objectives to the business.   From start to finish,  the business plan allows business owners to analyze the needs of the business.  It can be the reason why your business gets funded.  A business plan has so many important parts from the companies mission and vision to its strengths and weaknesses and everything in between.  Whether you decide to sell products similar to those found here at www.omniviewtech.ca/collections/new-mavic-pro  or services a business plan is a MUST!  

Learn SEO Basics

Many businesses advertise online via websites, social media, videos, and blogs.  SEO stands for search engine optimization and is linked to online marketing.  Search engine optimization is a process or strategy to increase the number of visitors to your site.  To build an online home business geared for success, it is suggested that business owners understand SEO basics.  Regardless of who runs the social media platforms, SEO is used to reach the proper target audiences.  It is important to understand the data in order to know if your company is performing at its true potential.  

One way to determine if your website is on target is to hire a SEO consultant.   After you learn the SEO basics, consider contacting ignitedigital.com for a free quote.  A SEO consultant will review and analyze your site based on factors such as keywords, website traffic, backlinks, and social media accounts.  Once the site is reviewed, they suggest ways to implement growth.   

Develop a Social Media Advertising Strategy 

Whether you have a small home-based online business or a large commercial business, social media advertising is a necessity.  Promoting a business using Social Media can be very successful by using the following strategy:

  • Identify Your Objective - What are you selling or promoting?  
  • Choose a Platform(s), e.g., Facebook, Instagram.  Social Media can be used effectively if you identify the avenues that will result in a high level of visibility when advertising your business. Doing research to target an online community, within the application you choose, will help you see results.  
  • Create Profile Pages - Include detailed and comprehensive information regarding sections, locations, add photos, create headers and choose profile pictures, and customize URL’s.
  • Post Regularly - Regular posts should be done consistently in order to keep your brand’s image current and interesting.
  • Create a Following - Ask for support in the form of requesting clients to “follow”, “like” and “share” your business.  The following commercial website shows a perfect example where clients can follow all social media accounts with just the click of a button: https://northernmat.ca/.
Sell Products Online

If selling products online is your forte, the following will provide a starting point:  
1.  Find a selling platform such as Shopify, Shopify is simply an e-Commerce platform that gives newer e-Commerce users a relatively easy way to get a web store up and running.  Shopify allows the user to start, grow, and manage a business, and create and customize an online store. Shopify also allows the user to sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.
2.  Transact business with online dealers.  This is a very popular way to buy and sell silver.  There are many bullion and precious metal dealers that transact business online and have silver purchasing programs.  Check bullion dealer reviews in order to make an informed decision prior to transacting online business. Keep in mind that transactions are not private and are recorded and stamped electronically, and payment can be delayed even after the dealer has your silver.  Click here to review an example of an online silver dealer: https://www.sprottmoney.com/buy-silver-online/buy-silver-bars-online.html

3. Use Community Forums. Alternatively, online community forums can be used. It’s recommended that one become active within the community forum to establish a positive reputation when buying and selling silver.  Selling to local buyers results in savings in shipping fees and sales in cash.  Keep in mind there are a limited number of buyers in a forum, and forums are an easier target to scammers.  Payment and shipping can also present problems when a buyer is out of state.


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