Health Mistakes You May Be Making Every Day

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Staying healthy is about so much more than drinking lots of water, eating your greens, and exercising on a regular basis. In fact, every single thing that you do throughout the day is an opportunity to do something good for your mind and body or harm the progress you’ve already made. Despite how health conscious you may be, there are a number of mistakes you could be making without even realizing it. With that in mind, here are six health mistakes you should avoid.

1. Hitting The Snooze Button

Everyone knows that getting too little sleep can have a huge negative impact on your physical and mental health, but what many don’t realize is that sleeping in is also less than ideal. Hitting the snooze button every morning can affect your sleep cycle, leaving you even more tired than normal. For that reason, you should always try to get up when your first alarm goes off.

2. Skipping Breakfast Each Morning

When you sleep in a few minutes every morning, chances are, you find yourself in a rush, which might cause you to skip breakfast. Going about your day without this vital fuel will leave you sluggish until you eventually crash completely. It can also lead to health issues, like diabetes and obesity. It’s crucial that you start every day with a healthy breakfast to keep you moving.

3. Watching TV While Eating

With so much to do and so little time to do it in, most people these days have become masters of multitasking. We exercise while we work, learn while we sleep, and, of course, watch TV while we eat. The issue with this is that you’re distracted from your meal, so you’ll likely eat more than you need to. To prevent this, you should turn off the screen and focus on the meal in front of you.

4. Making Google Your Doctor

Googling symptoms might appear to be a fast and simple way to diagnose an issue, but it’s actually far from it. The internet can’t see you in person, and it doesn’t have a stethoscope, ultrasound machine, blood tests, or anything else to examine you properly. This can leave serious issues undiagnosed or cause major stress and anxiety when nothing is actually wrong.

5. Carrying A Heavy Bag

From our school days, we are used to lugging around heavy bags filled with things that we might need for the day ahead. Unfortunately, carrying around something so heavy every day can cause all sorts of health problems, from a backache to arthritis. You should avoid this as much as you can and instead swap to a smaller bag used only for essentials.

6. Forgetting To Wear Sunscreen

Winter may be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you can ditch the sunscreen. Even on the coldest and darkest of days, the sun's rays can still damage your skin, often resulting in skin cancer. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you wear sunscreen or an SPF foundation, BB cream, or primer every day that you go outside.

If you want to stay in tip top condition, then make sure that you avoid the common health mistakes listed above. 


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