3 Ways To Make Staying Healthy More Affordable

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On first consideration, the idea that it costs money to retain optimal health is a little surprising. Health, one would think, can be achieved with relative ease.

Unfortunately, maintaining good health is undeniably expensive. Organic food, gym memberships, health insurance, supplements - they all add up over time, even if you’re generally a frugal person. If you have struggled with the cost of maintaining good health in the past, then the good news is that that you can strike a perfect balance between maintaining your health and your budget - and here are three ways you can do it…

Be a Skeptic

We live in a world where we are constantly sold to, particularly in regards to health. Healthcare products, supplements, ideas, and even certain vegetables are often aggressively marketed as essentialvital, or critical to maintaining good health.

It’s therefore useful if you can develop a healthy layer of skepticism when it comes to miraculous claims of boosted health and well-being. By learning to see through the marketing spin, you can ensure that all of your health-related expenditure is devoted to things you actually need, rather than things that a marketing department is telling you that you need. Numerous products and ideas have been touted as crucial over the years, only for it to later emerge that these claims are - at best - exaggerated.

Modify the tenets of good healthcare to suit you

When it comes to maintaining health, there are a few core tenets that everyone knows they should follow:

Eat healthy, freshly prepared food
Exercise regularly
Don’t smoke cigarettes
Limit your alcohol intake
Drink plenty of water

While these are the accepted basics of staying healthy, they’re rather difficult to achieve, especially when dealing with budgetary constraints. To strike the right balance, follow the core tenets of good health, but don’t be afraid to amend them to suit your budget and lifestyle.

If you’re short on time in the evenings and cooking a meal from scratch is not a viable choice, then opt for convenience food, but choose the healthiest convenience food available. If you’re a smoker, then you can switch to vaping and ensure you always opt to buy cheap ecig juice and take good care of your vaping device in order to ensure it works for as long as possible. If you feel you should exercise more, then choose to work out at home rather than pay for an expensive gym membership - and so on, making small changes that are more in keeping with your budget.

Are these “modified” good tenets perfect? Perhaps not, but they’re a great start, and you can always improve your methods in future as and when possible.

Avoid using expense to motivate “good behavior”

For example, some people choose to prepay for a 12-month gym membership on the belief that doing so will convince them to go to the gym and exercise more, or pre-buy organic food in bulk. While this way of motivating healthy behavior works for some, for most, it really doesn’t, and just results in a loss of money that could have been put to better use elsewhere.

In Conclusion

Staying healthy will always, to an extent, have a premium attached - but with the above in mind, you should be able to ensure that the cost of good health is always as manageable as possible.


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