Planning Fun Activities for February

Time is an illusion” ~ Albert Einstein

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February is swiftly approaching.  Every year, it seems time takes over and each year moves faster. Just yesterday, we were preparing for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with those who mean the most. The holidays are now becoming a distant memory, and Spring will be arriving in less than 40 days!  As February is the shortest month of the year, let’s take time to be creative and make lasting memories.  We can prolong the month of February with the following family and couple friendly - memorable activities.

Plan a Getaway to Avoid the Cold
Tired of the cold and worrying if it will snow? Every year many people look forward to Groundhog’s Day hoping the cute little critter won’t see his shadow in anticipation of an early Spring with warmer temperatures. Don’t wait around! Schedule a romantic or family getaway to a relaxing location where the weather is warm and delightful.   Some top destinations that are proven perfect for couples are the Caribbean, Jamaica, or Cancun where you can plan all-inclusive vacations.  

Some school districts close for winter break. Winter break is usually in February, generally during President’s Day week.  This is the perfect time to escape the cold. Two family-friendly places to travel include Orlando, Florida and Honolulu, Hawaii. While you won’t find beaches in Orlando, there is Disney World and other spectacular destinations such as Sea World, and the Kennedy Space Center.  If you desire a relaxing beach vacation, Honolulu, Hawaii is the place to be with its world-renowned beaches, snorkeling, beautiful falls, and historic landmarks. For more travel suggestions review US News & World Report
Plan a Valentine’s Day Surprise
Whether you have a family or you’re a couple, Valentine’s Day is that special time of year to express love and appreciation for loved ones.  One doesn’t have to spend an extraordinary amount of money to make Valentine’s Day significant. 

Planning and serving a home cooked meal can be romantic and or family oriented.  It can be a candle light dinner for two, or, involve the children with dinner preparations and designing crafty decorations.  Eat dinner when the kids go to sleep or include them.  If the children join, make dinner discussion fun and teachable.  The topic of discussion can be the history of Saint Valentine or how you and your significant other met.   Don’t forget the romantic essentials: candles, flowers, chocolates, wine, and dessert. An excellent suggested vendor for ordering wine all-year-round is the

Make Changes to Your Home a Family Affair
With colder temperatures approaching, winterizing your home should be a priority.  Being proactive will avoid expensive emergencies and repairs.  When I became a homeowner, the first lesson my father taught me was to protect the pipes from freezing. During colder temperatures, pipes are in danger of freezing.  To avoid this, plan how you will insulate or protect the pipes with the entire family. Take the family to Home Depot while you and your partner shop around for home improvement and winterizing supplies.  Consider allowing your children to participate in a DIY project.  Currently, Home Depot is offering a kid-friendly Valentine Project, titled the heart candy box.  For more information on weatherizing home pipes click now.

Whether you are vacationing, planning a delicious dinner at home, or shopping to make home improvements including loved ones will make your February complete.  


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