Common Health Concerns For Women

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As a woman, you have health concerns just like anyone else - but some issues are also more likely to affect our half of the population. While there is no point in getting yourself worked up over a health issue before you’ve even consulted your doctor, it could still be a good idea to learn how to prevent the most common health problems.

That way, you can feel a bit calmer the next time you’re worried about something with your own body and can remind yourself that you are, after all, doing everything you can to stay healthy.

Here is a handful of common health issues in women so that you can feel slightly more empowered and ready to start the prevention.

Well over half of those affected by osteoporosis are, in fact, women. It’s largely preventable, though, should we believe the doctors - and most of what we’re able to do right now will determine the strength of our bones when we’re a bit older.

Exercise and focus on building strength in your body; weight-bearing exercises are excellent for your bones, as well as muscle-building ones.

Your body needs calcium and will start to help itself from your bone mass unless you give it what it wants. While you’re still relatively young, focus on eating dark green vegetables, canned sardines with bones, and low-fat dairy products.

We should be able to get the amount we need by eating right, but you might want to supplement if you’re especially at risk.

Ovarian cancer
Both men and women can get cancer but only the latter can get it in their ovaries. Luckily, modern medicine is highly advanced and it’s really easy to prevent this as long as you get your vaccination while you’re still young.

Make sure that you attend your checkups and get the shot when you’re 25 - or when that letter from the doctor arrives in the mail. You can have a read in this article as well, by the way, to learn more about the problem.

This one can appear while you’re still a kid or it may only manifest itself once you start to age. Some even claim that it is stress related and they only have flare-ups when they’re under a lot of pressure.

If it gets bad and affects your legs, for example, you might find it difficult to exercise and perform your daily chores. You can read more about it at Inspire if you like and learn how to live with this common skin problem.

The most important thing you can do is, as always, to take your own health seriously and book that doctor’s appointment rather than consulting Google. Even though we can’t stop everything and certainly can’t control time, the best prevention is to focus on staying healthy, happy, and always take a health concern seriously. 


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