How Martial Arts Can Change Your Mind And Body

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When we consider what it means to be fit, the term ‘lean and mean’ comes to mind. Lean as in fit and in shape, with hardly any fat on our body and a muscular physique together with concentrated willpower to push through pain and adversity. This inherently means that both mind and body are trained and improved together. No other way of training besides combat sports can do this. For the most part, other fitness regimes such as weight training and cardiovascular training doesn’t focus on the sharpness of the mind. Martial arts on the other hand, acknowledge that the practices within its realm are 90% mental and the rest is physical. The mind must be trained to treat the body as an extension of its will, before we can conquer it. So how does our mind and body change when we train in martial arts?

Lean is speed
One of the most iconic people in the martial arts world and history also had one of the most iconic physiques. Bruce Lee may not have been muscle bound but he was incredibly lean. There was virtually no fat on his body, and this meant he was lightning quick. His punches and kicks were done incredibly quickly thus giving his opponents little time to react. One of his famous quotes is to “be formless like water.” This saying has multiple meanings. For one he was talking about his style of fighting or rather the lack of a style, called Wing Chun. However, it can also be interpreted as meaning be fluid and able to shift at any moment. Because he was light he didn’t have to put as much effort into moving his limbs at such speed. Martial arts allows us to value our fast our bodies can be if we train them.

Taking it slow
In martial arts, speed isn’t always everything, however. In fact, the old saying in boxing of ‘timing beats speed’ is very true. If you can predict your opponent and throw a shot before they have begun to throw their’s, regardless of whose punch is quicker in the act of performing it, the one who predicted correctly will get there first. Taking it slow can be done in many different ways such as this shaolin training course. You’ll train in Chinese Kung Fu which also includes learning about chi and meditation. You’ll learn about the components of shaolin, why the style came into being and how it can be used. The study of Taoism is also part of the course, as the traditional Chinese spirituality and energy force is taught. You can learn how to use various weapons but the importance of taking things slow is always present. That’s why the longest course is up to 5 years.

Martial arts can teach us how best to use our bodies. How we can be quicker and learner was first made mainstream by Bruce Lee, but his physique was also admirable. Learning how to fight with weapons, defend yourself using balance and short sharp strikes can be done by discovering the shaolin methods. 


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