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Passionate about health and fitness? Turning this passion into a career could allow you to earn money doing something you love. The health and fitness sector is currently booming and there are a range of different opportunities to consider. Here are just a few of the possible careers you could consider.

Personal training
Personal trainers help others to reach their fitness goals by providing expert advice and workout motivation. Most personal trainers work on a freelance basis, however, many trainers will work part-time in a gym or exercise studio initially (this provides the perfect environment to pick up clients whilst also offering a more reliable income).

To become a personal trainer, you generally need some form of qualification. There are lots of ways to get qualified including online personal trainer certification. Courses can vary in length with some only lasting a couple weeks and others lasting years.

Once you’re qualified, you can start looking for clients. Many personal trainers start by offering general fitness training but eventually, carve out a niche for themselves – these niches are often where the high-paying clients can be found.

Personal training is a competitive industry, however there is a growing demand for personal trainers.

Sports coaching
Sports coaching could be another career option for those passionate about health and fitness. Coaches help to work with athletes to improve their performance and provide encouragement. They may coach one-on-one or they may coach a group/team.

Becoming a coach usually requires obtaining a coaching qualification from the governing body of your chosen sport. Taking a course in sports science could also be advantageous in some cases (this could be important if you plan to teach at a school).

Physical therapy
Physical therapists help people to manage injuries and medical conditions through a mixture of exercises, stretches and massages. They often help people to recover from sports injuries and have a good knowledge of how muscles and tendons work.

To become a physical therapist, you need to take a physical therapy course. This could be a short course or a three-year course. There are various places where you can find work as a physical therapist including therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and gyms. Many physical therapists end up going freelance.

If you’re more interested in the dieting side of health and fitness, another role to consider could be a nutritionist. These professionals specialize in encouraging people to eat healthily, sometimes working with athletes or people with extreme food intolerances as well as helping people to lose weight.

You must take a course in nutrition in order to become a nutritionist. There are many types of these courses available including online courses. 

Fitness technology
Do you love gadgets and fitness? A job in fitness technology could be perfect if this is the case. This technology could involve fitness apps, electronic gym equipment or smart fitness clothing.  

To get into this industry, you’ll likely need a technical degree of some kind whether it’s software development or electronics. That said, if you’re not interested in the development process, you may be able to get a job marketing fitness gadgets, which may not require such a degree. There are lots of fitness tech companies out there that you can apply to. Alternatively, you can attempt to start your own fitness tech startup (perhaps you have an idea for a fitness gadget that hadn’t been thought up yet?). 


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