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Dana Rockwell lives in NJ and enjoys exercising, fitness, and eating healthy.  In her spare time she loves to read and write.  She has acquired a new found love of blogging to motivate herself and more importantly others into believing 'anything is possible'.  This holds her accountable for her exercise routine.  She is still trying to perfect the eating part.  Her favorite exercises are walking, and team-oriented exercises such as MT Kickboxing.  She also loves to learn new things. 

Professionally, she has held administrative and entry-level management positions in the healthcare industry.  She is knowledgeable about various topics via research and personal experience. As the founder of 365 Days of Health and Fitness she is well versed in fitness, health, and relationship topics, she also enjoys writing about work from home opportunities, POV, business, poetry, and fiction.  

One of her biggest goals is to become an adjunct professor and write a 'novel'.  She enjoys meeting new people, networking with other bloggers and professionals, and is on the road to mastering SEO, and social media marketing. Finally, she enjoys mentoring new students from her alma mater  - UMUC.

Her two favorite desserts are cookies and ice-cream ~ it's all about portion control and moderation :). 

Favorite Quote:  "Spirit ... has fifty times the strength and staying power of brawn and muscle." ~ Unknown

Favorite Movie:  'The Secret'.  Very powerful motivational movie! 
Favorite Book: James Patterson - Judge and Jury

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